Daily Punch 4-8-13

Time for another Pathfinder Flaw!


Anxiety-Flaw-You always believe the worst thing is coming and this makes it that much more likely to happen-When planning any event more then one turn in the future, you take a -2 penalty to all checks as part of this plan as your are distracted by thinking the worst thing could occur during any event.  If you are making checks that are not part of any planning, you do not suffer this penalty.


Daily Punch 4-413

Its time for some more flaws!

Defensive-Flaw-when a charactercriticizes your character you gain a -4 penalty to bluff and diplomacy checks with that character for a minimum of one hour and as long one day as determined by the DM.


Daily Punch 4-1-13

Sorry to have been away for the last bit, its been a hectic time lately!  However, I’m back and I have an idea based on the number of fish fries I’ve seen in the last few days…

Religious obligations-Flaw-You are devoted to your religion to the extent it interferes with your work and life-Select a religion and choose holy days for it.  This must include major holidays and weekly obligations.  These obligations must include at least 20% of your time.  You may select a day of the week when you are fasting or some how otherwise unable to perform at your best.  On those days you take a -1 to all checks.  On major religions occasions  you may simple be unable to contribute to your parties abilities or you taken a major penalty of -3 to all checks due to extreme hunger or thirst.

By taking a flaw, you may take an additional feat.  Most flaws are taken at character generation.  However, at DM’s discretion, you may take this flaw after character generation if you character becomes very religions in game.