Daily Punch 7-31-13

How about some fun for DnD Next?


Advanced Advantage

Benefit:When you have advantage, you gain an additional +2 to the attack.  If you give up advantage for any reason, you still keep the +2 to the attack roll.




Daily Punch 7-30-13

More Pathfinder Feats


Quick, Fast, and Ready

You are don’e long to get ready for anything!

Benefit: The time it takes to prepare spells or any other activity is cut in half.  You only have to rest half as much as normal.  In addition, any penalty you take for being distracted is cut in half.



Daily Punch 7-29-13

Played in a Pathfinder Game Friday, let’s use that for inspiration


Light Sleeper

You sleep with one eye open and always have a ready for any special occasion…

Benefit: You gain a +5 bonus to perception checks while distracted by anything or while you are asleep.  In  addition, when you stand up, you may draw a weapon as a free action as part of the move action for standing up.

Daily Punch 7-26-13

One last pathfinder Gun Feat


Paint the Target (combat, teamwork)

Requires: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearm)

Benefit: When you hit a target engaged in melee combat with an ally who has a teamwork feat, that ally may make a basic melee attack against the target as a free action.