Daily Punch 6-1-17 Dervish fighting style for DnD 5e

Some people at a recent game were made because they couldn’t fight with two weapons at once when doing an opportunity attack. ┬áLet’s fix that for a fighter with a fighting style!




While you make an opportunity attack, you may make an attack with your off hand weapons following all the rules for two-weapon fighting.




Daily Punch 5-31-17 Lob feat for Pathfinder

u don’t want a long bomb!

Prerequisite(s): Throw Anything

Benefit(s): Whenever you throw something at a target within one range incriment, you can choose to throw through a number of squares equal to the distence that would normaly be thrown horizontally.  These squares must be conected, at least at a diagonal, and can go over other creatures.  If these squares do not have any cover from any objects or creatures, then any target of the throw does not have cover.