Daily Punch 10-7-13 New card type for Manhattan Project

Manhattan Project is one of my favorite games because I love me some good Euro, worker placement games that have combat between the players!

I was thinking though, would it affect the game if you could place two workers to the board in a turn?  Maybe a new building card type?


Card type – University

Requirments to use- two of any workers + one red money symbol

Benefit-Place one extra worker on the main board






Daily Punch 10-1-13 A new card type for the Lord of the Rings LCG

I haven’t ever done a board game component, but I’ve been listening to the Cardboard of the Rings podcast, and I’ve had an idea…

How about Bastions.  My idea for them would be something akin to a location the players can play that any player in the game can use.  I think of them like permanents in Magic: The Gathering.   When an attack is undefended, a player who controls a bastion may have the attack target a base camp instead.   Here are a few ideas:

Rivendell-Lore 6 Resources-5 HP-When a card with the surge effect is reveled, the players may pay 3+1 per player to counter the surge effect.  All other effects on the card still occurs

Gondor -Tactics 6 Resources-5 HP-After all cards have been reveled from the encounter deck, players may pay 3+1 per player to deal one point of direct damage to all enemies in the staging area.  The may only be triggered once per round.

Edoras- Spirit 6 Resources- 5 HP-During the questing phase, players may pay 3+1 per player to add +1 willpower to all characters questing.  This may only be triggered once per round.

Rangers of the North Base Camp-Lore 6 Resources- 5 HP-Players may pay 3 + 1 per player to add +1 defense to all characters.  This may only be triggered once per round.

This is not meant to be a comprehensive list.  Nor is it really meant to to be completely right, but I would like to hear your thoughts.  Does this break the game?  Is this what it needs?  Is this smart or stupid?  Drop a line.