Daily Punch 8-1-16 Jack! Rogue Archetype for DnD5e

I wrote this for my rogue archetype for my stuff against the Giants, but it doesn’t quite fit…but it’s still fun, so here you go!

Jack!History repeats itself. Some men steal fire from the gods while others…steal geese from the giants. You are the modern day thief who takes from the haves and gives to the havenots (mostly yourself). It just turns out that the haves tend to stand over 10 feet tall and really want to kill you. You best be quick to keep from ending up on the wrong side of some fe fi fo fum!

Jack Be Nimble!

When you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you gain advantage on all Dexterity(sleight of hand) checks.

Jack Be Quick!

Starting at 3rd level, when you take the bonus action granted by your Cunning Action to make a dash action, double your movement again.
Jack Jump over the Candlestick!

Starting at 9th level, you have advantage on a Strength(athletics) and Dexterity (acrobatics) checks.

Clear the Fire

By 13th level, you’ve left the candle burning and have earned your speed. You no longer provoke attacks from leaving an engagement and don’t have disadvantage on ranged attacks in melee.

Devil’s Own Luck

When you reach 17th level, you’ve stolen luck from the devil himself on the other side of your fire. You gain two devil points. You can use these points to reroll an attack, check, or save or force an opponent to reroll an attack, check, or save. These return after a short rest.

Daily Punch 6-20-16 Odysseus’ Phalanx for DnD 5e

Let’s keep writing about giants, this time let’s write about following an ancient hero and learning from his wisdom.  How about a archetype for fighters?


Odysseus’ Phalanx

Odysseus is an ancient hero to your people.  He survived things that would easily end most men.  You have dedicated yourself to following his principles and learned the ways to make and survive war!


Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you increase your AC by +2, regardless armor.

Side by Side

Starting at 7th level, you make yourself the focus of attacks rather then your allies.  As an action, you can issue a command to all engaged enemies.  If an enemy attacks you, they receive a +2 bonus to the attack, but if they do not they receive a -2 penalty to the attack.  This lasts till you leave the engagement, are knocked unconscious, or until all commanded enemies are dead.  This is no limit to the number of times you an do this in a day.

Shield Wall

At 10th level, when you are engaged with a target with one or more allies, you increase the AC of each ally by +2.

Superior Survivor

Starting at 15th level, your bonus to AC from the Survivor class feature increases to +4.

Arrow through the Axes

At 18th level, you increase your proficiency with weapon attacks by +2.



Daily Punch 2-16-16 Martial Monk Monastic Tradition for DnD 5e

How about expanding maneuvers to other classes?  Let’s make a fighter monk!


Way of the Fist

This path is taken by those who emphasize the physical over the mental for martial combat while still honing your body over any weapon.  You’ve learned how to master your body and master the bodies of your foes by emphasizing physical technique over utilizing ki.

Hard-Drilled Skills

Starting when you choose this tradition at 3rd level, you gain three maneuvers as if you were a fighter.  You have a number of superiority dice equal to your Wisdom modifier, and your superiority dice are equal to your unarmed attack dice.

Second Wind

Gain the Second Wind class feature of a 1st level fighter using your monk level as if it were your fighter level.  Also, gain one additional maneuver from the fighters list.

Personal Conditioning

At 11th level, you an an ability score improvement.  Gain one additional maneuver from the fighters list.

Sifu of the Temple

At 17th level, when you use a maneuver as part of an attack, you can spend superiority dice and perform two different maneuvers as long as both maneuvers target the same creature and cast the same number of superiority dice.




Daily Punch 11-11-15 Master of Animal Forms Monk archetype for DnD 5e

How about a monk the learns from an animal?  When I did Kung Fu, I practiced the animal forms.  Let’s make that work in DnD 5e for the Monk.

Master of Animal Forms

Animal Sensei

Starting at 3rd level, you gain an animal companion as per the ranger rules.  However, you may only choose from the following animals.  In addition to the ranger rules for animal companion actions, once per turn, you may spend a ki point as a bonus action to issue a command to your animal companion.  You must also pick a time each day when your animal companion will train you.  This time lasts for 3 minutes per character level.  During this time you may change the animal companion that is training you with no negative repercussions.

Animal Page Bonus Skill Bonus Save
Constrictor Snake PHB 305 Slight of Hand Con
Giant Owl MM327 Perception Cha
Panther PHB 308 Stealth Wis
Wolf PHB 311 Athletics Int

Animal Training

At 6th level, you begin to learn the lessons of your animal companion.  You gain proficiency in a skill and saving throw associated with your animal companion.  If you are already proficient with the skill or saving throw, then you double your proficiency bonus.

Two Masters

At 11th level, you have continued so deep into your training that you now gain the bonus of your Animal Training class feature for two different animals.  You still only have one animal companion.

The Fifth Animal

At 17th level, you have reached the peak of your training, and your animal companion now reflects it.  You now gain a dragon wyrmling as your animal companion.  It still gains the bonuses as a animal companion as normal (hit points, addition of proficiency to attack, etc), but also has all the skills, immunities, and other creature abilities as a dragon wyrmling.  Each day you may choose a different dragon wyrmling type during your training as well as two different animals for your bonuses from your Two Masters class feature.


Daily Punch 9-17-15 Schooled Sorcerer archetype for the arcanist in Pathfinder

Just finished the Pathfinder book Advanced Class Guide, and I have a few ideas I’d like to see from it.  Here is one for the Arcanist.

Schooled Sorcerer (Archetype)

You went to school like all other wizards did.  You hit the books hard, learned from the masters, and showed great promise, but you also had something else up your sleeve-you were a closet sorcerer.  You cultivated the talents in your own blood along side your own class-based studied.

Dual Focus(Su):  At 1st level, a schooled Sorcerer chooses a school of magic and a bloodline.  The arcanist also chooses either one to gain at a slower path.  For the one progressing at a normal pace, the Schooled Sorcerer gains all the benefits as described for that school or bloodline.  For the chosen ability gained at a slower pace, the Schooled Sorcerer gains the benefits of the school or bloodline as a wizard or sorcerer four levels lower than his or her actual level.

The archanist must select two additional schools of magic as opposition schools and has all the penalties of casting and preparing spells from those schools as a wizard would.  This ability replaces the arcanist exploits gained at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th level.


Daily Punch 5-25-15 Malleus Maleficarum fighter archetype for DnD 5e

How about some fun for DnD 5e? Haven’t done that in a while, but I think it’s time to do a fighter build.  Let’s make one that hunts magic users!

Malleus Maleficarum

You hate magic.  You’ve studied long and hard to make those who use it pay.  Be it the evil wizards who may have enslaved your family, the vile cleric who sacrificed your parents, or the capricious warlock who seduced your lover-you hate all who use the art.  Now, you’ve honed your weapons, more specifically your hammers, to deal with those who cast spells.  You’ve suffered, and now they’re going to pay!

Magic Dissonance

At 3rd level, you’ve mastered the art of distraction.  When you are engaged with any spell casting creature and they cast a spell, you can spend a reaction to force them to make a Constitution saving throw with the DC equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your strength or dexterity modifier.  If they fail, they lose the spell.

Magic Resistance

At 7th level, you have mastered the art of spell resistance.  You gain advantage on all saving throws against spells cast against you.  You can choose when this effect is applied, and if you want to make a saving throw at all if you are aware of the spell.

Hex Hammer

At 10th level, when you strike a foe with a hammer or hammer-like weapon that does bludgeoning damage and the foe tries to cast a spell, they gain disadvantage on the Constitution saving throw from your Magic Dissonance class feature.

Magic Immunity

At 15th level, if you succeed at a saving throw and the spell would still affect you even if you succeed, you are now no longer affected by the spell at all.  If you fail a saving throw against a spell and the spell has an effect on a success, you are only effected by the effect of the spell as if you had succeed on the spell saving throw.

The True Spell Hammer

Starting at 18th level, you no longer have to spend a reaction to use your Magic Dissonance class feature.


Daily Punch 10-29-14 Knowledgeable Fighter archetype for Pathfinder

Ok,with the Knowledge is Power feat, I think my Knowledge-based fighter archetype is ready to roll.


Knowledgeable Fighter

You’ve studied in class, listened to the bards, or learned on your own, but in either case, you see the true power of knowledge and how you can hurt others with it.


Knowledgeable Fighter (EX)

Gain the Knowledge is Power feat (https://throatpunchgames.com/2014/11/01/daily-punch-10-28-14-knowledge-is-power-fighter-archetype-for-pathfinder/) at first level as your bonus feat.  You must take this as your bonus feat.  Also, all knowledge skills are now class skills for you.  Replaces Bonus 1st Level Feat


On the Job Training (EX)

Increase the number of skill ranks you gain each level by 1.  Chose an additional knowledge skill.  You are now trained in that skill.  This replaces Bravery.  Gain this ability again whenever you would have an increase in the bravery skill and cumulative.


Lessons Learned (EX)

Choose either Armor Training or Weapon Training.  When you would gain a this ability, gain a +1 to all knowledge skills you are trained in instead.  This replaces weapon training or armor training. Gain this ability again whenever you would have an increase in the ability you choose to replace.  This ability is cumulative.


Knowledge Mastery (EX)

When you would gain either the Weapon Mastery or Armor Mastery, based on the choice you made for your Lessons Learned class feature, you instead gain this feature.  When you would gain a bonus from your Knowledge is Power feat to either attack, defense, or saves, now gain a bonus to attack, defense, and saves equal to the total bonus before the bonus would split instead.  This replaces Weapon Mastery or Armor Mastery.