Daily Punch 11-22-21 Master of Beasts feat for DnD 5e

More fun for the core book ranger-the beast master!

Master of Beasts

prerequisite: beast master ranger archetype

You attract the most diverse followers. Gain one additional beast companion. It must be a different creature than your first creature. If you give a command to one beast, you can choose to have the other beast follow as well.


Daily Punch 11-18-21 Targeted Response feat for Starfinder

Time to continue with the biohacker-on to immunology!

Targeted Response

Mind and body are all your toys.

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, biohacker, immunology field of study

Benefit: When you use your immunology booster or inhibitor, you can choose the type of stave the creature gets a benefit or penalty to.


Daily Punch 11-10-21 Fury of Nature feat for DnD 5e

More fun for the paladin, now the nature paladin!

Fury of Nature

prerequisite: Oath of Ancients sacred oath

Nature never gives up its fury. Gain the following benefits:

  • When you use your Nature’s Wrath channel divinity, at the start of a restrained creatures turn do magic damage equal to your Charisma modifier.
  • When you use a channel divinity class feature to turn creatures, any creature turned by the ability takes magic damage equal to your Charisma modifier while still affected by this ability. This damage does not end the turned effect.


Daily Punch 11-9-21 TEAMWORK=DREAMWORK(COMBAT) combat for Starfinder

Let’s work together! Now the Squad fighting fighting style!


There is no I in team!.

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier, squad fighting primary fighting style.

Benefit: Increase the bonus others get from your coordinated shot feat to +2. You may also use your quick backup ability twice before you must rest.


Daily Punch 11-8-21 True Devotion feat for Dungeons and Dragons 5e

We’re on to the paladin! Now for the oath of devotion paladin!

True Devotion

prerequisite: Oath of devotion sacred oath

Your faith give your power. Gain the following benefits:

  • Double the range of your channel divinity abilities and effects.
  • Once you use your sacred weapon channel divinity ability, your weapon is affected by the light spell for up to eight hours. Fiends or undead who attempt a Dexterity(stealth) check while in the area of your light spell have disadvantage. You can end the effect s a free action.


Daily Punch 11-3-24 DEADEYE(COMBAT) feat for Starfinder

There are a lot of soldier fighting styles! Now the Sharpshoot fighting style!


Just shoot once and get it done.

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, soldier, sharpshoot primary fighting style.

Benefit: Targets gain no bonus to AC from cover from your attacks, but you still cannot attack targets behind full cover. When you attack as a full round action, gain a +1 bonus to the second attack.