Daily Punch 9-15-20 EARTHGLASS.EXE technological item for Starfinder

I like the earthglass idea, so let’s hit the other systems as well.



This sleek black tablet had a series of metal, concentric rings on the back. Upon tapping the tablet and hitting the digital on button, the device will prompt the user to put it against a wall of up to five feet of ground, 1 foot of earth, or 2 inches of metal, the device will use sound waves to give a 3D picture of an area of up to 50 feet by 50 feet by 50 feet on the opposite side on the other side of the wall. A user can tap an unattended item on display and use gravity waves to pull the item toward the wall at the rate of 1 foot a round. The item will be phase shifted through the wall and will appear in front of the tablet once the item reaches the wall on the other side of the tablet.


Daily Punch 9-10 and 9-11-20 Ghost in the Machine and Sufficiently Advanced Technology feat for Starfinder

I’ve been experimenting with using skills for other skills expecially technology and religion. Let’s play in Starfinder too.


You’ve learned enough about technology to really see how magical it is.

Prerequisites: Computers 5 ranks or Engineering,5 ranks.

Benefit: You can use Computer or Engineering as if it was Mysticism for skill checks.


Computer and Machines might have souls and you can speak to them.

Prerequisites: Mysticism 5 ranks

Benefit: Choose Computers or Engineering. You can use Mysticism as if it was the chosen skill.


Daily Punch 9-7-20 Damage Augment gun augment for Starfinder

How about some love for weapons. You can augment your body, so why not your gun?

Damage Augment76500Gun 

This small disk is placed along the barrel of has a small dial. As an action, you can change the damage type of the weapon of the weapon to acid, electric, fire, cold, or sonic damage instead of the weapons normal type for the weapon. This lasts until the damage type is changed again.


Daily Punch 8-13-20 In the Eyes envoy improvisation for Starfinder

How about some love for the envoy?

you must be at least 4th level for the following envoy improvisation

In the Eyes (Ex)

Aim for the eyes and they will never see it coming!

As a standard action, you can make a single attack against a target within 60 feet. If you hit you may attempt a stealth check against the target as normal without having cover or concealment. If you succeed, you are considered hidden from that one target until the end of your next turn.


Daily Punch 8-11-20 Observant Scientific Method for Biohacker for Starfinder

How about some love for the Biohacker? How about a different Scientific Method


Observing a natural phenomena is the first step in its understanding and mastery. You build this into your own studies and your guidance of your allies.

You gain an +1 insight bonus to  Perception and Sense Motive. This bonus increases by 1 at 3rd level and every 4 levels thereafter.

Additionally, you begin to guide those who you are studies or against those you are studying. When you make a minor boost or minor inhibitor biohack, you can also attempt a Perception check with a DC equal to 15 + your target’s CR. If you succeed, you can gain the target of a minor boost a +1 insight bonus to attacks or if against the target of a minor inhibitor, your allies can gain a +1 insight bonus to a attacks against the target.


Daily Punch 7-28-20 Mystic Drive Starship Power Core alteration for Starfinder

I like starship combat in Starfinder, but I feel that people who have pilot a bit to awesome in space. How about letting a few others take the wheel… or the con.

Mystic Drive

Your engine isn’t a drive of steel and fusion, but an arcane heart pulling at the very strings a magic to bend reality around. By casting spells, saying prayers, or altering the fabric of reality, you can pilot this craft instead of moving a control stick. Increase the BP cost of any engine by 10%, rounded up, and decrease the PCU of the engine by 5%, rounded down. You may use pilot or Mysticism to pilot this starship.


Daily Punch 7-15-20 Blinding Breach T1 spell for Starfinder

Let’s build on the ideas from Monday but in Starfinder!

Blinding Breach T1

School evocation

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Targets 1 creature equipped with a force field

Duration 24 hours

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

You overcharge a shield allowing for a explosion of light when it fails. From now on when the shield is reduced to 0 hit points it emits a flash of light. All creatures, except the barer, out to 20 feet must succeed at a Constitution saving throw or become blind for 1 round.


Daily Punch 7-10-20 Conduit of Fate M1-6 mystic spell for Starfinder

Conduit of Fate M1–6

School enchantment

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range 30 feet

Targets two or more living creature

Duration 10 minutes/level

Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

You speak words of power and twin two willing souls together. Chose a number of willing creature in range as determined below. Those souls now share a total hit point pool. Damage to one deals damage to the whole hit point total. When the total hit point total is reduced to zero, both begin to die. When you heal one of the pair, increase the total hit point total by that much. When the spell ends, divide the remaining hit point total as equally as possible. This spell has no effect on stamina points.

1st: 2 willing creatures

2nd: 3 willing creatures

3rd: 4 willing creatures

4th: 5 willing creatures

5th: 5 willing creatures

6th: 7 willing creatures

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

Daily Punch 7-7-20 Genetic Destabalizer technological item for Starfinder

How about we move the previous item to Starfinder? Let’s melt some people!

Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 1421001d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 2893002d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 312350003d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 4161650005d41/day
Genetic Destabilizer, Mk 5208150006d41/day

This item is a simple black box with a touch screen on the front. You can select a creature species on the menu, and the box will emit a subspace wave out to 30 feet. Creature of the species begin to destabilize at a molecular level. Each round when a creature of that species enters or starts its turn in the area around the box, it must make a Fortitude saving throw or take sonic damage depending on the level of the item. The DC of the save is equal to 12 + half the item’s level. Each time after the first save, increase the DC by 1.