Daily Punch 3-22-23 Divine Boon feat for Starfinder

The Gods provide!

Divine Boon

The gods care for any you bestow a blessing upon.

Prerequisites: Mystic, Mysticism 5 ranks.

Benefit: When you cast a Mystic spell that targets an ally, that ally can choose to gain a +1 divine bonus to AC or a +1 divine bonus to attacks till the end of its next turn.


Daily Punch 3-20-23 Mobile Healer feat for Starfinder

Let’s get those heroes moving!

Mobile Healter

You get moving fast to get the help to those in need.

Prerequisites: Healing channel connection power

Benefit: When you use your healing channel as a full action, you can move up to the your speed before your heal the ally.

Daily Punch 3-18-23 Bioenergetics biohacker field of study for Starfinder

I want my biohacker to heal. Let’s work on that!


With enough stimulants, we can make anything possible.

Booster: You push enough chemical into the target to make it’s body things its ready for anything. The target spends a resolve point and the target gains Stamina Points equal to half its total. After 10 minutes, the target becomes fatigued for 1 hour due to the chemical effects on the body. If this booster is used multiple times, extend the fatigued time by one hour for each use.

Inhibitor: You deliver an agent that simples overworks the body to exhaustion with none of the bonues. The target becomes fatigued for one hour if it fails a Fortitude saving throw.


You can use the following ability when you achieve the breakthrough for this field of study.

Chemical Deadening: As a standard action, you create and deliver a formula packed with enough chemicals to prevent the creature from feeling the effects of anything that happens to it for one minute. The target ignores any negative effects or conditions on it for one minute that don’t physically prevent from moving. After this minute, the target is fatigued for one hour. You can’t use the effects of Chemical Deadening to prevent this fatigued state from occurring.

Daily Punch 3-13-23 Sun Lightning Stellar Revolution for Starfinder

My wife is a ranged solarian. Let’s help with this.

Sun Lightning (Su) level 1

When you’re fully photon-attuned, as a standard action, you can shoot a straight line of solar lightning and deal 1d6 electric damage plus 1d6 additional electric damage per solarian level to all creatures within a 20 foot line from you. A creature that succeeds at a Reflex save takes half damage. At 9th level, you can increase the distance to 40 feet, and at 17th level, you can increase the radius to 60 feet. After you use this revelation, you immediately become unattuned. Sun Lightning functions as a zenith revelation for the purposes of abilities that reference them.


Daily Punch 3-6-23 iBlaster small arms for Starfinder

Saw an optical blaster, so I want one!


Built from a custom glasses display with an innovative head wrapping and brain sensing design. This optical blaster allows the user to just think about firing the device freeing the uses hand(s) for any other actions. It can also be linked to any other computer systems for virtual reality and augmented reality heads up displays.

iBlaster, mark 1

Level 4; Price 2,200
Hands 1; Proficiency Small Arms
Damage 1d6 F; Range 50 ft.; Criticalburn 1d6
Capacity 10 charges; Usage 1
Bulk L; Special —

iBlaster, mark 2

Level 8; Price 9,800
Hands 1; Proficiency Small Arms
Damage 2d4 F; Range 50 ft.; Critical burn 1d6
Capacity 10 charges; Usage 1
Bulk L; Special —

iBlaster, mark 3

Level 12; Price 32,000
Hands 1; Proficiency Small Arms
Damage 4d4 F; Range 50 ft.; Critical burn 2d6
Capacity 20 charges; Usage 1
Bulk L; Special —

iBlaster, mark 4

Level 16; Price 162,000
Hands 1; Proficiency Small Arms
Damage 6d4 F; Range 50 ft.; Critical burn 3d6
Capacity 20 charges; Usage 1
Bulk L; Special —

iBlaster, mark 5

Level 20; Price 745,000
Hands 1; Proficiency Small Arms
Damage 7d6 F; Range 50 ft.; Critical burn4d6
Capacity 20 charges; Usage 1
Bulk L; Special —


Daily Punch 2-28-23 Divine Weapon M1-6 spell for Starfinder

How about some divine guns for the Mystic?

Divine Weapon

Classes Mystic 1-6
School conjuration (Summoning)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range touch
Duration 1 minute
Saving Throw no; Spell Resistance no


You summon a weapon made of divine force. Choose good, evil, positive, or negative energy. You summon a small pistol full from your god that does damage of the chosen type upon a successful ranged attack against EAC. The spell does damage based on the level of the attack.

1st: 1d4 + your Wisdom modifier
2nd: 3d4 + your Wisdom modifier
3rd: 5d4 + your Wisdom modifier
4th: 7d4 + your Wisdom modifier
5th: 9d4 + your Wisdom modifier
6th: 11d4 + your Wisdom modifier


Daily Punch 2-13-23 Energy Attack M0 T0 spell for Starfinder

sometimes even the mages need to throw down.

Energy Attack

Classes Technomancer 0, Mystic 0
School conjuration (creation)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range melee
Targets one creature or object
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes


When you cast this spell, choose acid, cold, electricity, or fire; the spell gains that descriptor. You cover an appendage in energy, and you must make a melee attack against its EAC. On a hit, the ray deals 1d6 damage of the chosen energy type.

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.