Daily Punch 7-17-18 Deep Stellar Cuts operative exploit for Starfinder

More solarian in the operative!  Here is your 6th level operative exploit.


Deep Stellar Cuts (SP)

Prerequisite: Star Cutter

Gain a solar weapon or solar armor of a 6th level solarian.




Daily Punch 7-11-18 Solar Scalpel Envoy Expertise Talent for Starfinder

Let’s get some Envoy Expertise Talents out there.  Here is one for medicine.


Solar Scalpel (Sp; Medicine)

Requires: Solar weapon

You’ve learned how to use the star to your advantage and funnel their power into your medical practice.  Once per day, you may spend two resolve points.  If you do, you can activate your solar weapon and plunge it into a target.  that target is healed equal to the damage your solar weapon would have dealt normally.





Daily Punch 7-10-18 Ranged Solar Weapons Solarian for Starfinder

I want a Solarian with a gun…SAY NO MORE!


Class Level
Solar Manifestation
Solar Pistol Solar Rifle
1st 1d4 1d8
2nd 1d4 1d8
3rd 1d4 1d8
4th 1d4 1d8
5th 1d4 1d8
6th 2d4 2d8
7th 2d4 2d8
8th 2d4 2d8
9th 3d4 3d8
10th 3d4 3d8
11th 3d4 3d8
12th 3d4 4d8
13th 5d4 5d8
14th 6d4 6d8
15th 7d4 7d8
16th 8d4 8d8
17th 9d4 9d8
18th 10d4 10d8
19th 11d4 11d8
20th 12d4 12d8


Solar Ranged Weapon

You can seize your solar mote in one hand to form a pistol or a longarm out of stellar energy. This weapon appears to be made out of glowing light or solid darkness, as determined by the appearance of your Solar Manifestation, but it can be whatever general shape you choose. Normal ranged weapons like pistols or rifles are most common, but other shapes, such as a large rune of stellar energy, a mass of writhing energy tendrils, or an energized fist that fits over your own hand, are possible as well. Your Solar weapon’s general design has no impact on its function, and doesn’t give the weapon any special abilities such as reach. Once you’ve selected the general design, you can’t change it until you gain a new solarian level.

Your Solar weapon functions as a one-handed or two-handed energy advanced ranged weapon, and you’re automatically proficient with it. At 1st level, choose whether your Solar weapon deals  acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic  damage. You can change the damage type each time you gain a new solarian level. Your Solar weapon deals damage depending on the manifestation. This damage increases at 6th level, 9th level, 12th level, and every level thereafter. Solarian weapon crystals can increase your Solar weapon’s damage.

Forming or dismissing a solar weapon is a move action that takes the same amount of effort as drawing or sheathing a weapon (and can be combined with a move as a single move action or used with the Quick Draw feat). Your Solar weapon is automatically dismissed if it ever leaves your hand.




Daily Punch 7-9-18 Data Spike Envoy Expertise Talent for Starfinder

I want to get a few expertise talents out there that rely on you being a Solarian.  Let’s keep the hits rolling!


Data Spike (Sp; Computer)

Prerequisite: Trick of the Light

When you interact with a computer to hack it, you do not need a computer of your own as you change your solar weapon into a spike of pure data that does no damage, but does pierce the computer.  When you attempt the computer check to hack a computer that you are physically next too, you may reroll your expertise die a number of times equal to half the number of solar weapon dice you roll for damage.