Friday 8-31-12

It’s time for more 4th edition fun.  This time its for the Shaman…Spirit Ectoplasm

Feat: You and your allies can now flank with your spirit companion.  Your spirit companion now provides cover from all attacks that cross your spirit’s space.

A quick and dirty feat.  While the spirit companion is a beast, the fact it can’t flank hurts some people.  Thoughts?

More Beast Master Fun 8-30-12

This one is a quick one

Fearsome Noise

Through some combination of noises your beast forces all the other enemies to cower.

Level 2 Utility Power  Beast, Fear

Minor Action

Effect:  All enemies in a burst 3 around your beast companion take a -2 penalty to all attack rolls till the end of your next turn.

Pretty easy one, figured this one would be an easy one for our friend the ranger who wants to play the WoW hunter.  Thoughts?

8-29-12 What’s this? DnD Next?

Ya know what DnD Next is missing?  That’s right, the Swordmage!

Specialty – Swordmage Training

Requirement- Magical Lore, proficiency with a sword

Through hard training your character is able to protect those who are dear to him/her through application of protective magic….

Level 1-Swordmage Aegis-Chose an enemy within 30 feet of your character, as a reaction that enemy gains disadvantage on all strikes that do not include you this turn.  If you are not next to the ally that the enemy strikes, each d20 rolled for the attack gains a +2 modifier

Level 3-Swordmage Rebuff-You gain an expertise die equal to a fighter of your level.  This expertise die may only be used in the following situation:  if any enemy under your Swordmage Aegis successfully attack an ally, you may as part of the same reaction from Swordmage Aegis roll your expertise die and subtract the amount shown from the damage to your ally.

Here are the first two feats for the Swordmage.  I think this works well with the current feat structure.  Much like the guardian, this character protects his allies, but does so from range.  Odds are this will change as more DnD Next info comes out and they change the specialties.  Its my first attempt at making some DnD next stuff so drop a line and tell me if its broken, underpowered, or just right.

8-28-19 More Fun with the Beast Ranger

Its time for another 4th Edition Power for our friend the ranged beast master….

Covering Fire

While you assault your foe from a far, your beast move in for the kill

Level 1 Encounter power

Keywords: beast, martial, Weapon

Action: standard Ranged Weapon

Range: 6

Attack: DEX vs. AC

Hit: 1[W]

Effect: Your beast companion advances adjacent to the original target
and makes the following attack

Attack: Beast’s STR vs. AC

Hit: 1[B]

Effect: target is marked by your beast till the end of your next turn.

I’m torn on this one.  I wonder if this one is too overpowered at first level as your beast and you both make attacks.  Its lower damage though.  Whats everyone’s thoughts on this one?

Monday DUMP 8-27-12

Might be later in the day, but this one is an extra special treat!  Every Monday I’ll try to make a bit longer post for you guys.  This one goes out to all my MONKS who want to disarm better then they do now:

Feat: Magpie style (Combat, style)-prerec: Improved Disarm- gain a +2 bonus on disarm attempts.  Stacks with Improved Disarm.  Ignore weapon size categories when disarming opponents.

Feat: Magpie Flight (Combat, style)-prerec: Magpie Style, Throw Anything -If you successfully disarm an opponent, gain an attack at your highest BAB this turn where you throw the disarmed weapon at an opponent in 30 feet.  This new attack counts as an unarmed attack and deals your current unarmed damage on a hit.  This attack does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Feat: Magpie’s Strike (Combat, style)-prerec: Magpie Strike, Improvised Weapon Mastery-If you successfully disarm an opponent, gain an attack at your highest BAB this turn.  This attack counts as an unarmed attack and deals damage one dice step higher then your unarmed attack damage.  If you hit with the attack gained by this feat, the disarmed weapon gains the broken trait.  Ignore the damage limit on Improvised Weapon Mastery.  This attack occurs before the attack granted by Magpie’s Strike.

Why these style feats?  I love watching old school Kung-Fu movies, and in every one a master single handed takes down a squad of goons with there own weapons.  I did not include a BAB requirement as to get all the style feats you will have to take several feats.  What do you guys, the readers and my judges, think?

Day 2-Shadowrun

It’s day two and last night was Shadowrun, here’s something that came to mind….

Positive Quality- Junk Yard-10BP Cost

Make a Perception check with the time of one day-for each success reduce the price of a single object by 5% of the market value.


Now I don’t have all the SR books, but I think this one is pretty novel.  I like tying skills to money in this game and this one give you a benefit based on what you find in a given day.  It also limits how many times you can do this since the runners can’t take forever to find everything they need.  Thoughts?

The first of many….

It’s time for the first of my game ideas a day.  An this one is a long time coming.  Everyone thinks that 4th is too much like World of Warcraft, but I think it’s not enough.  Therefore here is my first power for the ranger.

Deadly Distraction

Your beast companion attacks your foe and provides an opening for your allies.

Level 1 At-Will

Keywords: beast, martial

Action: standard

Range: beast 1

Target: One creature adjacent to your beast

Attack: Beast’s attack bonus vs. AC

Hit: 1[B] + beast’s strength modifier.  At 21st level, 2[B] + beast’s strength modifier

Effect: target is marked by your beast till the end of your next turn.

Why?  Well I’ve always felt that the ranger in DnD 4th should play like the Hunter in World of Warcraft.  I’m not getting into the debate of if that’s good or not, but I like the idea of being able to draw attacks with my pet.  More on this theme to come over time