8-28-19 More Fun with the Beast Ranger

Its time for another 4th Edition Power for our friend the ranged beast master….

Covering Fire

While you assault your foe from a far, your beast move in for the kill

Level 1 Encounter power

Keywords: beast, martial, Weapon

Action: standard Ranged Weapon

Range: 6

Attack: DEX vs. AC

Hit: 1[W]

Effect: Your beast companion advances adjacent to the original target
and makes the following attack

Attack: Beast’s STR vs. AC

Hit: 1[B]

Effect: target is marked by your beast till the end of your next turn.

I’m torn on this one.  I wonder if this one is too overpowered at first level as your beast and you both make attacks.  Its lower damage though.  Whats everyone’s thoughts on this one?

5 thoughts on “8-28-19 More Fun with the Beast Ranger

  1. I don’t think it’s overpowered because it is an encounter power. If it was at will it would probably be a bit too much. I like that the effect of the first attack is that the beast gets to attack, rather than that happening only on a hit. Why did you choose 6 for the range? Seems like an odd number.

  2. Might also want to include a limit of how far the beast companion can be from the target before the attack. Else-wise you could have your companion moving a ridiculous number of squares in one turn and that could make a bit of OP control.

  3. Movement for beast is not an issue just needs to actually say “Beast companion can move up to it’s speed to the target and make an attack” type of line. Usually if a power has a range limit it’s usually 5 or sometimes 10, so I agree with Lavera on the number.

    1. As a former BM ranger I like this one even if it’s an encounter power. With other dual attack powers rangers and other classes have this could very well be an at will power.
      The power is easy to use since you’d use the move action to get beast close enough to the target, quarry, the do teh attack. I very much like this power. Makes me wanna play a homebrew campaign with the powers you’ve come up with so far Ed.


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