Daily Punch 4-22-13

How about a pathfinder feat-


Preparation-Feat-You may take up to 4 hours of preparation and spend 10 gp for materials to prepare for an event in game.  This event can range from a fight to an ambush.  When you do, you gain a +2 preparation  for the first round of the event on all d20 rolls.  This bonus drops to +1 on the second round, and is lost by the third round.



Daily punch 4-19-13

More DND next feat madness!
Arcane Feat
You throw all you have into this spell at the expense of accuracy
Benefit: you may reduce the DC if your spell by up to three.  Increase the number of dice rolled for this attack.  Effects that reduce damage by have or more on a miss now cause the spell to completely miss.  You may not apply this to effects that automatically hit