Daily Punch 9-26-22 Attentive Squire wondrous item for DnD 5e

I ain’t carrying crap!

Attentive Squire

Wondrous item, uncommon

A small carved figure of a squire made from simple beadrock. Once per day, a character can say “attend me!”, and a phantasmal blurry squire will appear acting as your servant as per the spell unseen servant with the exception that servant is always visible buy shadowy, automatically follows you around, has an AC of 20. and lasts for 8 hours until dismissed or killed. Each morning you regain the use of the attentive squire.


Daily Punch 9-21-22 Confusion Bomb alchemical bomb for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

How about one more confusion bomb?

Confusion Bomb Item 4+

Alchemical Bomb Consumable Emotion Enchantment Mental Olfactory
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activate  Strike

This flask holds a pressurized purple gas. When the bomb explodes, it releases the purple gas. On a hit the target must make a Will save DC 19 or be affected by confusion, as per the spell, for one round. The gas is inhaled by the target only and not any creature around it.

Confusion Bomb (Moderate)Item 4

Price 16 gp
Bulk L

Confusion Bomb (Greater)Item 12

Price 350 gp
Bulk L
The Will save DC is 30, the effect lasts for 2 rounds, and item gains the splash trait affecting creatures up to 1 square away.

Confusion Bomb (Major)Item 18

Price 4,000 gp
Bulk L
The Will save DC is 38, the effect lasts for 3 rounds, and item gains the splash trait affecting creatures up to 2 square away.

Daily Punch 9-20-22 Confusion Grenade for Starfinder

Let’s make crazy grenades!

Confusion Grenade

Confusion grenades are specialized bombs that throw purple inhaled powder into an area. Those that are in the area and breath in the powder must make a Will saving throw instead of a Reflex saving throw. Any creatures that do not breath or are using contained breathing apparatuses are immune

 Confusion Grenade, Mk 1

Level 6; Price 600
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage 0; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Special explode ( confusion as per the spell 1 round; 10 ft.)

 Confusion Grenade, Mk 2

Level 10; Price 2,350
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage 0; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Special explode (confusion as per the spell 2 rounds; 15 ft.)

Confusion Grenade, Mk 3

Level 14; Price 9,400
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage 0; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Special explode (confusion as per the spell 3 rounds; 20 ft.)

 Confusion Grenade, Mk 4

Level 18; Price 54,100
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage 0; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Special explode (confusion as per the spell 4 rounds; 20 ft.)


Daily Punch 9-19-22 Confusion Potion for DnD 5e

My brother had a fun idea for our Pathfinder game.   Let’s being it here!

Confusion Potion: This purple liquid can be absorbed either internally or via the skin.   You can slip this into a targets food or attack with it. As an action, you can throw this flask up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. Make a ranged attack against a creature, treating the confusion potion as an improvised weapon. On a hit or ingestion, the target must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or be affected by the confusion spell for one round. Targets immune to confusion are immune to this potion.

Cost: 50 gp


Daily Punch 9-15-22 Hostility spell for Shadowrun 6e

Ok, once more for another system.

LOS (A) P S 4
Pure unadulterated anger smashes into the targets mind and everyone and everything that has angered it in the past must feel that pain. Roll Sorcery + Magic vs. Willpower + Logic. For a number of rounds equal to the net hits on the test the target randomly attacks any other targets or other members of its own group if part of a grunt group.
Rage has the same effect except it affects all targets in an area.


Daily Punch 9-13-22 Hostility spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Let’s keep this rolling!

Hostility Spell 1

Emotion Enchantment Mental
Traditions arcane, occult, primal
Bloodlines diabolic
Deities Asmodeus, Belial, Calistria, Conqueror Worm,  Zura
Cast somatic, verbal; Action 2 actions
Range 30 feet; Targets 1 creature
Saving Throw Will; Duration 1 minute

You cloud a targets mind with only hate and all the misdeeds everyone it can see has done to it. It must attempt a Will save.

You can Dismiss the spell. At the end of each round, the target may make another Will save to end the spell

Critical Success The target is unaffected and aware you cast the spell.
Success The target is unaffected but does not know which spell you attempted to cast.
Failure The target’s attitude becomes hostile toward everyone and it randomly attacks a target each turn.
Critical Failure The target’s attitude becomes hostile toward everyone, it randomly attacks targets each turn and it does not get a Will save at the end of its first turn under the effect of this spell.

Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

Product-Spelljammer: Adventures in Space

System- Dungeons and Dragons

Producer– Wizards of the Coast

Price– $41 here https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/D890997E-DC03-45CB-BABE-5A760E103954?channel=dnd-site-jam&_encoding=UTF8&tag=wotc03-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=5e6ae51a65de0619af85a9a07edec25f&camp=1789&creative=9325 

TL; DR– Spaceships and Sorcerers! 76%

Basics–  TO THE SKY!  Spelljammer: Adventures in Space is the latest setting for DnD that really encompasses all the other settings.  Spelljammers are space ships that can travel between different systems and explore, so really the limits of this setting are the limits that you can steal and borrow from all the other DnD settings and your favorite fanfic of Star Trek.  Let’s get into this one.

Mechanics or Crunch– This is a good book with some new mechanics, but not a ton of information.  Overall space beyond a planet system is just empty and full of “air”, so you don’t need much.  The spelljammers are fun ships, but the DnD isn’t really set up to do ship battles well.  It’s not bad, but it’s simple and the system defaults to basic rules in the DMG for side combat for ship combat.  There are new races, but not a ton beyond that.  So if you want a lot of new crunch for your players, there isn’t that much here.  Ships get a good rundown, which is needed, but  don’t expect much as a player.  There are monsters of the cosmos, which are absolutely needed, but for each system you need to grab that world’s/setting’s books and get monsters from there.  This book adds decent materials for the GM, but not much for players. It doesn’t really expand the rules beyond the basics we’ve seen.  4/5

Theme or Fluff– I don’t hate the story here, but I’m left wanting more in a bad way.  This setting is all about space and boldly going to new worlds.  You do get the basics of that, but you don’t get a ton of new worlds beyond “Go grab your favorite other books and go there!”  Again, it’s not bad, but it feels too loose to be helpful.  I do think the adventure they give is awesome and will help GMs and players who are new to the setting get used to it.  That “fish out of water” adventure that is included is going to be your best introduction to this setting. That said, after reading this book, I need more to really know what this setting is.  4/5

Execution– Can’t buy a PDF, but when there was an update it came out as a PDF.  I can rent the book via DnD Beyond, but other than that, it’s physical only.  What is in the book is a solid ok.  Good spacing and text size and all the things I look for in a book, but it’s only in their proprietary app.  I want to own my book, so you either buy a physical book or rent DnD beyond.  And, while I love the adventure they give you, they don’t give you pregens at fifth level.  Just include the pregens!  I don’t want to make some for my players nor do some groups want to make some when the GM buys that book.  I want to play ASAP and that would massively help those groups.  It’s 2022 and you are behind the times.  I am not pleased.  3.5/5

Summary– Spelljammer is a fun setting and book that just needs more.  The mechanics here are ok, but there is not much for players and just enough for the GM to run a game beyond go to the DMG.  The story is fun, but there isn’t much beyond go look at other stuff.  The execution misses many marks that other companies are doing and it hurts my impression of the book.  If you want some classic space and sorcery, this will be a fun book.  If you don’t have an idea of what Spelljammer is then you still might not after reading this book.  76%

Daily Punch 9-8-22 Hostility spell for DnD 5e

I like this idea. Let’s keep it going!


1st-level enchantment

Casting Time:1 action
Range:30 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: concentration, up to one minute

You attempt to enrage a humanoid you can see within range. It must make a Wisdom saving throw. If it fails the saving throw, it treats all creatures it can see as hostile until the spell ends. Each round at the start of its turn, it can attempt another Wisdom saving throw to end the spell.


Daily Punch 9-7-22 Hostility M1 W1 spell for Starfinder


Classes Mystic 1, Witchwarper 1
School enchantment (mind-affecting)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets one humanoid creature
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes


You fill a target with rage and cloud it judgment. Upon failing its save, the target immediately becomes hostile to all creatures around it regardless of what it felt the moment before as all past issues come to the surface. The target will attack any target it can see for the duration of the spell. After the first target is attacked, each round after the first it is entitled a new Will saving throw to end the effect.