Daily Punch 3-14-17 Light of the Lord cleric spell for Dungeon World

Ok,  I love sacred flame for DnD 5e.  Let’s make this in Dungeon World!


Light of the Lord     LEVEL 1

You channel a piece of your god’s aura into light from your holy symbol to shine like a ray on your enemies.  Deal 1d6 damage to one target.




Daily Punch 3-13-17 Elf cleric starting move for Dungeon World

I like elf clerics.  Let’s add them to Dungeon World!



Your faith is ancient.  When you commune, you are granted a special version of Revelation as a rote that you can use only to learn the history of the current place you are in.



Daily Punch 3-7-17 Dwarven Paladin starting move for Dungeon World

I’ve been reading Dungeon World.  I like it and a review is coming soonish.  In the mean time..


Dwarven Paladin

When you create your character, choose a type of creature (goblin, orc etc) that you strive to defeat.  When you deal with this vermin, take +1.