Daily Punch 3-29-31 and 3-30-31 Focus and Quick Focus feats for DnD 5e

yes, I still like feat treats. But I have an idea festina lente- hurry slowly!


Don’t rush and you will be surprised how good you can be at something. As an action, you can focus on a task. If you do, the next skill check you make will gain a bonus to the roll equal to 1/2 your proficiency bonus.

Quick Focus

prerequisite: focus feat

You’ve gotten good at focusing. Gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your Wisdom or Intelligence by 1 to a maximum of 20
  • You can use your focus ability as a bonus action.
  • Thoughts?

    Daily Punch 3-24-21 Grabby feat for DnD 5e

    Can’t rip and tear if you don’t grab first!


    You can’t get closer than right on top of them. Gain the following benefits:

    • Increase your Strength or Constitution by 1 to a maximum of 20.
    • When you have a free hand, you can make a grapple attempt as a bonus action.


    Daily Punch 3-23-21 Jumper feat for DnD 5e

    Let’s build off yesterday’s idea with a feat. I want to fling fighters and rogues around areas with the greatest of ease!


    You’ve gotten good at flinging yourself up high or across some distance! Gain the following benefits:

    • Increase your strength or dexterity by 1 to a maximum of 20.
    • When you move, you gain a fly speed equal to 1/4 your speed horizontal or equal to your speed vertically. You can use the dash action to do this again, but you must end your turn holding onto something or on a flat surface or you will fall as normal at the end of your turn.

    Too much?

    Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Black Powder Rebellion – Firearms and Historical Campaigns (PF2)

    Product– Black Powder Rebellion – Firearms and Historical Campaigns (PF2)

    System- Pathfinder 2nd Ed

    Producer– Beyond the Horizon

    Price– $6.95 here https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/350371/Black-Powder-Rebellion–Firearms-and-Historical-Campaigns-PF2?term=black+powder+rebellion?affiliate_id=658618

    TL; DR– I need guns… LOTS OF GUNS. 98%

    Basics–   OVER THE WALL!  Black Powder Rebellion – Firearms and Historical Campaigns is a third party book focusing on using historical settings and guns in Pathfinder 2nd Ed games.  The book introduces guns from all across the history of firearms, history and settings information for  players and GMs, and even character options to take any character and make it a gun toting hero.

    Mechanics or Crunch– The goal of this book is to add guns and world history settings to Pathfinder, do so without magic being the major focus, and then give the players options to build characters in that world.  And in that, it succeeds completely.  There are LOTS of guns in this book with only one fake gun that I know of.  That’s some dedication to realism across multiple time points in history.  Character options are also solid crunch as archetypes are put to good use in this book allowing any class to pick up a gun and go to war.  Solid crunch for any group that wants to add guns to their sessions as both a GM and a player.  5/5

    Theme or Fluff– How much history do you know?  I might not have majored in history in college, but I love to learn it.  I also grew up teaching hunter safety in the US.  There are gun things I learned from this book from across history that I have not heard yet!  That is some solid dedication to the gun and world history.  From old school single shot guns, to samurai with guns on horseback, to trench warfare, if you want some historical guns in your PF2 game and the story behind them, this is the accessory for you and your friends.   5/5

    Execution–  PDF?  YEP!  Hyperlinked? YES!  This is a solid book that is well written, well laid out, and reads easily.  It wasn’t a slog even though this is a history book.  Heck, this book even hyperlinks out to other media to help you LEARN more.  That’s good use of the medium!  My complaints are, as always, pictures.  A few more would make this read a bit easier to read in the text chunkier areas.  Also, this book digs DEEP on some firearm types.  I would like a few more pictures, so i know what the gun looks like.  That said, for the price of less than seven bucks, this is a solid book and a good effort by the team.  4.75/5

    Summary-Want some guns in PF2?  Want to play historical games in PF2?  This is the book you need.  Solid options, solid themes, and solid equipment all make a solid book.  I always want more pictures, but that is the ONLY complaint I have for this one.  Another great book at a good price for this team.  98%

    Daily Punch 3-18-21 Hook and Swing fighter feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

    Doom Ancient Gods 2 is out. Got an idea in the first five minutes.

    Hook and SwingSingle Action Feat 2

    Requirements You are wielding a melee weapon.

    You hit an enemy and use the momentum to move yourself. Make a Strike with a melee weapon. If you hit, you may make an immediate stride that does not does not provoke reactions from your target. If the weapon has the disarm, shove, or trip trait, you can use the corresponding action instead of a Strike.


    Daily Punch 3-16-21 and 3-17-21 ruin and rot spells for Shadowrun 6e

    how about we degrade buildings?

    (Indirect Combat)
    LOS P I 5 P, Special
    (Indirect Combat, Area)
    LOS (A) P I 6 P, Special
    Why cut when you can decompose and break down walls and men? Rot and Ruin degrade objects on a person or in an area as well as flesh. Creatures resist as normal, but all objects in an areas make a resistance roll as normal except if the object’s net do not beat the spellcasters successes, the object takes additional damage equal to the number of successes in addition to the damage from the spell. Creatures in the area take damage as normal.