Daily Punch 7-20-17 Choose to Thrash feat for Pathfinder

Let’s keep up with our theme this week.


Choose to Thrash

You beat out a strong base for everyone to follow, but they choose how they dance!

Prerequisite(s): raging song class feature, speed metal

Benefit(s):When you begin a raging song, every person who choose to be effected by your song chooses to either gain the bonus to strength or to dexterity, while still gaining a the bonus to constitution.  The bonus is the same, and changes depending on your level, and lasts as long as normal.






Daily Punch 7-17-17 Bullet Time feat for Pathfinder

I have a skald and a gunslinger at the same table.  I want the to work together, so let’s lay some ground work for them…



Bullet Time

When you get mad, the world slows.  Heart beats become minutes, and you stead instead of frenzy

Prerequisite(s): rage class feature.

Benefit(s):When you enter a rage, you can choose to either gain the bonus to strength or to dexterity.  The bonus is the same, and changes depending on your level.

Daily Punch 7-12-17 You Got A History negative quality for Shadowrun 5e

I had a friend who wanted to have a character how had a real bad history like a shadowruner hunter for the Azzies in Shadowrun.  I like the idea, but feel bad rep doesn’t go far enough.  How about something new…


You Got a History
Bonus: 6 Karma per level
Some people did things that can’t get better.  Some people blow up people on accident.  Some poison the well and don’t look back.  Well you’re looking back, and you don’t like what you find.  And neither do other people.  Whatever you did, your start play with  3 points of Notoriety (p. 372) per level of this quality.  You can remove this using normal karma rules for buying off a quality as you do more and more good out in the community paying out your debts to society.




Daily Punch 5-8-13

How about a trait in pathfinder?

Child of the Temple

You spend your youth being trained in a temple full of marital artist monks.  While they respected your wish to leave, your years of training have aided you in your quests

You gain a +1 bonus to jump checks as well as tumble checks.