Daily Punch 3-25-15 Loyal Servants Lifestyle Option for Shadowrun 5e

I’ve been catching up on some Shadowrun, and I thought of this as I went through Run Faster….

Loyal Servants

Be it your loving parents, a wife/husband, or the kindly butler who rescued you from the orphanage, you have someone(s) who serve you in maintaining your house, but won’t turn you over the the first goganger who offers them money.  The people who maintain your house are loyal to you and will never provide an opportunity to hurt you or any information about you.  This does not guarantee their safety.  Increase the security level and limits by 1, and reduce the available points of the lifestyle by 3.  The base lifestyle must be medium or higher to take this option.


Daily Punch 3-24-15 Speed of Thought positive Quality for Shadowrun 5e

You can get lighting reflexes and stay mundane and not cybered.  Let’s build on that!

Speed of Thought

Cost: 30 Karma

Prerequisite: Lightning Reflexes

You’re faster than fast.  You’ve either trained for it, or you were born with it.  Gain +1 to initiative rating and a bonus dice.  This stacks with lightning reflexes and nothing else.  Also, increase the bonus on defense tests by +1.


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Calidar: In Strange Skies


Product– Calidar: In Strange Skies

System– Pathfinder

Producer– Calidar Publishing

Price– $10 here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/133973/Calidar-In-Stranger-Skies

TL; DR– How about some Spelljammer in Pathfinder? 90%

Basics– Set sail for the first star on the right!  Calidar is a setting for a universe focusing on flying sky ships that sail between planets with most of the focus on the world of Calidar.  While the book goes small enough to detail the kingdom of Meryath on Calidar, the book also has enough universe detail to give any game master enough ideas for how to run the universe.  Let’s break this book down into its parts.

Mechanics– This is not a crunch book, but it also doesn’t want to be.  Any book that starts with 45 pages of story to introduce the world via fiction wants you to get the world feeling first before even considering the mechanics of the system.  For the majority of the crunch here, the system uses Pathfinder for its base mechanics.  It does build where it needs to by adding some creatures that are specific to the world.  The book does have new sky ships as well as maps for the setting as well.  It’s done reasonably well, but there isn’t anything that really builds on Pathfinder’s mechanics to make it its own.  That’s not horrible as building on established mechanics system is ok, but I would have liked a bit more to make Pathfinder its own.  4/5

Color- Hand’s down, this is the best part of the book.  The book begins with a fun 45 page story and spends most of its pages building a world for the players to play it.  The fantasy isn’t completely original with elements like orcs are evil and many common tropes, but that doesn’t made it bad by any means.  If you want Pathfinder Spelljammer, this is the setting for you.  5/5


Execution– This book does something different and uses three columns for its text.  The text isn’t bad, but the three columns don’t really suit my reading and understanding style.  The art here is well done as this is the first RPG book I’ve ever read where the air currents are laid out!  That kind of attention to detail is impressive.  Honestly, a little more art to break up some text and changing to the use of two columns, and I’d be much happier with the execution of this book.  That and maybe a small adventure to help me as a game master get into the world a bit better.  4.25/5

Summary-If you want Spelljammer in Pathfinder, then this is the book for you.  You will get the feeling of the old school with his book.  This book has lots of details while still giving the writer room to build out into the different planets and still zoom into the micro scale of each city.  It’s a good book that really does build its own universe.  It’s got its faults as I would have liked to see some Calidar specific Pathfinder mechanics to really own the rules it runs on, and I would suggest a few changes to the layout to help me as a reader get into your text.  That said, if you can get past a few minor faults and you want some planet sailing fun, then the best place is to start with a contributing author to Spelljammer back in the TSR days and this book. 90%

Daily Punch 3-23-15 Quick Study Feat for DnD 5e

One last DnD 5e feat for a bit.  I like the downtime mechanic, but I’d like to build on it.  How about a feat to be quicker at applying it?

Quick Study

You are a very quick learner picking up skills that would take years to master in weeks.  You’re nimble fingers make any time you would take to fix gear and build things pass in the blink of an eye.  When you use downtime days to do any activity or training, the amount of days and money necessary to complete the task is cut in half.


Daily Punch 3-20-15 The Stone People feat for DnD 5e

Let’s keep the hits rolling with a new idea for Goliaths

The Stone People

You are the bedrock your people build upon.  You can not be stopped, only slowed.  Gain the following benefits:

  • Increase your constitution or strength by 1 to a maximum of 20.
  • Your stones endurance increases to 2d12.  At level 5 it becomes 3d12.  At level 10, it is 4d12. At level 15, it is 5d12, and at level 20, your stones endurance is 6d12.  You must still take a short or long rest to refresh this ability.


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Elemental Evil Player’s Companion


Product– Elemental Evil Player’s Companion

System– Dungeons and Dragons

Producer– Wizards of the Coast

Price– $FREE!  here http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/145542/Elemental-Evil-Players-Companion-5e

TL; DR– If this is what WotC’s future looks like, I’m on board! 93%

Basics– Horrors of the elemental apocalypse are upon us!  It’s time for new heroes to rise!  This book provides new player options including new races like the deep gnomes and the genasi.  This book also proves a surprising number of spells for almost all the classes except for clerics

Mechanics or Crunch–   Honestly, it’s good to get ANYTHING from the currently quite WotC.  The new races are all well done.  These races are not anything new for the system, but they are new to the current rules set. The spells all look great, and they add some new diversity to the ones from the core set.  It’s just good to get some more!  The one problem I do have is the exclusion of clerics from the rules.  What here is good, but he absence of some things are noticed. 4.75/5

Theme or Fluff- This does have some fluff to it.  Each race has a write up that adds some impressive diversity to the races in the Forgotten Realms.  Again, these write-ups are not anything new as the races are all old favorites from at least fourth edition, but it’s good to hear what these races have been up to since fourth edition DnD ended.  The spells all have some great elemental flavor.  What I did want that wasn’t here was some bonds to draw characters in as well as some background on the adventure.  My players all loved this new book, but the current season doesn’t have that much background to front load the adventure like the Paizo Player’s Companion books for their adventure paths.  I love what I’m reading, but I’d like a bit more to bring the playing in. 4.25/5


Execution– I’m really digging the new layout for the DnD books.  This book feels like an RPG, but it also feels fresh.  Sure it’s a short book, but getting this much content from another company would cost you $5 from Monte Cook games, and Paizo doesn’t even offer this much content in their free player adventure path companion books!  The font is good, the spacing is great, and the art is fantastic.  There is only one piece of art that I know has been reused, so that’s even more top marks for WotC, who has notoriously reused art in the past.  If you can keep this up, I’ll buy more player books when they happen! 5/5

Summary– This isn’t perfect, but it is amazing. And, it’s FREE!  I’m really surprised that this book is free.  It’s got an impressive amount in it for the first really player expansion out there.  I know that we, the player base, can’t expect to get free books forever, but if this is the treatment I’m going to get for all of the adventure seasons, I’ll be happy.  I would like more, but for the price and the content, I’m thrilled! 93%

Daily Punch 3-19-15 Genasi Focus feat for DnD 5e

The Deep Gnomes get a feat, but the other races don’t from the Elemental Evil Player Companion?!  Let’s fix this problem!

Genasi Focus

Prerequisite: Genasi

You are a paragon of your race.  A person truely chosen by the elements!  Gain the following benefits:

  • Increase to the same elemental specific statistic you normality gain a bonus from at character generation by one.  As an example a Air Ganasi would gain a +1 bonus to dexterity.
  • The elemental specific spells you gain at character generation now can be reused after a short rest instead of a long rest.