Injury and the daily punch 12-10-12

Stabbed my foot today and it gave me an idea for pathfinder and Arcanis
Old leg injury
Flaw or negative feat
When you suffer a critical hit, in addition to all other effects your movement speed is reduced by half for 24 hours or until a spell like remove affliction or restoration cast on you.  If you suffer another critical hit while effected by this feat your movement speed becomes 5ft.  If you take this feat/flaw then you gain an additional feat.

Daily punch 12-7-12

Watching Elf with V and I thought of  something for shadowrun…

Obsessively Friendly
-25 bp
You are obsessively friendly and naive. You must act so at all times.  In game terms you treat all people as friendly, may not perform any actions to determine if any one is lying to you, and you must never act in the first round of combat as you are astounded by the actions around you.


Daily punch 12-6-13

Something from work

Bard 1 clr 2 sor/wiz2
School: enchantment
Subschool charm
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: close
Components :V, S
Duration : caster level rounds
Saving throw: will negates
Effect:  while under the spell, the target is in a stupor of inaction.  To take its turn as normal, the target must make an additional will saving throw until the spell ends.  The target will still act normality out of turn ( ie. Opportunity actions etc).

Daily Punch 12-4-12

Something I was thinking about while at work….

Office ‘Procurement’ 

Cost: 5, 10, or 15 BP

Requires: Day Job 1-3

For each rank in Day Job, you may gain gear equal to rank * 5,000 ¥.   To gain the item, you must make a test (persuasion or stealth) equal to item cost/(Day Job Rank *1,000).  If you fail, you are caught trying to obtain an item and your GM decides what your punishment will be.  Glitch and critical Glitches carry much more significant penalties.

Daily Punch 12-3-12

I was watching a game of 4e and saw a problem happen.  This feat will hopefully solve that problem…

Invigorate the Spirit

all healing powers you do may be changed to give the recipient of healing half as many temporary hit points instead of healing them as usual.  When this feat is used, if the original power requires healing surges for use, then the target must still spend a healing surge.