Daily Punch 3-23-23 Divine Boon feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

time to help others!

Divine Boon Feat 4

Cleric Metamagic
Prerequisites healing font

The god’s bless those who you bless. When you cast heal, any ally targeted by this spell can choose gain a +1 status bonus to AC or a +1 status bonus to attack until the end of their next round.


Daily Punch 3-22-23 Divine Boon feat for Starfinder

The Gods provide!

Divine Boon

The gods care for any you bestow a blessing upon.

Prerequisites: Mystic, Mysticism 5 ranks.

Benefit: When you cast a Mystic spell that targets an ally, that ally can choose to gain a +1 divine bonus to AC or a +1 divine bonus to attacks till the end of its next turn.


Daily Punch 3-21-23 Delay Heal divine spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

How about a punch to heal!

Delay Heal Spell 1

Healing Necromancy Positive
Traditions divine
Bloodlines angelic
Cast  1 action
Range touch; Targets 1 willing living creature

Duration 1 minute

You channel positive energy to prepare a target for the damage it will take. At the completion of the casting, the target is surrounded by a halo of light. If the target takes damage before the duration of the spell is done, the target instantly heals 1d4 hit points and the halo is discharged. If the target is reduced to zero hit points, the target heals damage and does not gain the dying or wounded conditions, nor does it fall down.

Heightened (+1) The amount of healing or damage increases by 1d4.


Daily Punch 3-18-23 Bioenergetics biohacker field of study for Starfinder

I want my biohacker to heal. Let’s work on that!


With enough stimulants, we can make anything possible.

Booster: You push enough chemical into the target to make it’s body things its ready for anything. The target spends a resolve point and the target gains Stamina Points equal to half its total. After 10 minutes, the target becomes fatigued for 1 hour due to the chemical effects on the body. If this booster is used multiple times, extend the fatigued time by one hour for each use.

Inhibitor: You deliver an agent that simples overworks the body to exhaustion with none of the bonues. The target becomes fatigued for one hour if it fails a Fortitude saving throw.


You can use the following ability when you achieve the breakthrough for this field of study.

Chemical Deadening: As a standard action, you create and deliver a formula packed with enough chemicals to prevent the creature from feeling the effects of anything that happens to it for one minute. The target ignores any negative effects or conditions on it for one minute that don’t physically prevent from moving. After this minute, the target is fatigued for one hour. You can’t use the effects of Chemical Deadening to prevent this fatigued state from occurring.

Daily Punch 3-15-23 Amulet of Healing worn item for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

I’ve been reading a bit about old school Christian magic and some of the old amulets to heal.

Amulet of Healing Item 3+

Healing Necromancy Positive Magical
Usage worn

This small holy symbol is full of folded divine scripture invoking the mercy of a god.

Activate  envision, Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect You grip the amulet and ask for the god’s help. You gain the effect of casting heal at 1st level using two actions. This can only be used to heal you, not harm an undead.

Armory Bracelet (Minor)Item 3

Price 50 gp

Amulet of Healing (Lesser)Item 5

Price 150 gp
The heal spell is cast at 2nd level.

Amulet of Healing (Moderate)Item 8

Price 450 gp
The heal spell is cast at 3rd level.

Amulet of Healing (Greater)Item 11

Price 1,350 gp
The heal spell is cast at 4th level.

Amulet of Healing (Major)Item 15

Price 6,000 gp
The heal spell is cast at 5th level.


Daily Punch 3-13-23 Sun Lightning Stellar Revolution for Starfinder

My wife is a ranged solarian. Let’s help with this.

Sun Lightning (Su) level 1

When you’re fully photon-attuned, as a standard action, you can shoot a straight line of solar lightning and deal 1d6 electric damage plus 1d6 additional electric damage per solarian level to all creatures within a 20 foot line from you. A creature that succeeds at a Reflex save takes half damage. At 9th level, you can increase the distance to 40 feet, and at 17th level, you can increase the radius to 60 feet. After you use this revelation, you immediately become unattuned. Sun Lightning functions as a zenith revelation for the purposes of abilities that reference them.


Daily Punch 3-10-23 Increasing Advantage feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

My poor brother can’t hit. Let’s help him.

Increasing Advantage Feat 1


FINE! I’LL HIT YOU NEXT TIME! Every turn you make at least one attack roll and you fail to hit with any attack that turn, you gain an increasing +1 circumstance bonus to your next attacks the next turn. This bonus can increase up to your proficiency bonus used in the attack roll. When you hit, this bonus is lost instantly.