Daily Punch 5-30-16 Intelligent Debate feat for Pathfinder

Let’s start off with a simple feat for Pathfinder


Intelligent Debate

In a battle of wits, you fight heavily armed!

Benefit: You may use your intelligence modifier in place of your charisma modifier when you make Diplomacy checks.




Ed….Are you dead?… A Throat Punch Games Update!

Hello all!

Sorry things have been a bit….spotty lately.  Things have been a bit too exciting around here for things to go well.  I’ve had not one, but two grandmothers die, a semester ended, another project is in post-production, and my regular gig is going well, but again, busy!  Now that summer is over, and life can calm down, things will be a bit more regular around here…..

SO, LET’S DO SOMETHING CRAZY!  My goal for this summer is a more regular schedule and to put out Throat Punch Games first product via the DMs Guild.  My goal is September, so let’s see how that goes!


And now the schedule


Monday              Regular Post

Tuesday              Regular Post AND board game review

Wednesday        Regular Post

Thursday            Regular Post

Friday                  Regular Post AND RPG review

Sunday                Opinion Piece-book review, RPG/Board Gaming Opinion, random musing


Ok Let’s make this awesome!

Daily Punch 5-16-16 Watched Clock spell for DnD 5e

Been working on something that I think you will all enjoy, but here is a side idea I had while making it.



Watched Clock

4th-level evocation

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Touch

Components: V,S,M(a waterclock’s hour hand)

Duration: 1 hour or until dispelled

This spell decelerates temporal effects of spells on a subject doubling the duration of all spells on the subject while watched clock is in effect.  Also, the target of this spell may end it at any time to reroll a concentration check using as many dice as were rolled in the original check.




Daily Punch 5-13-16 Spell Strike melee attack option for Shadow of the Demon Lord

My favorite class in DnD is the up close wizard/warrior.  I like hitting with spells and magic at the same time.  I think we can do that if we play with some boons and banes just like two-weapon fighting…



Spell Strike

You can cast a spell and perform a one-handed melee attack in the same turn.  If you attack the same target with both, the melee attack suffers two banes, and the spell attack suffers two banes.  If the spell requires a challenge roll, the target gets two boons.

If you target two different targets, you suffer three banes to the attack roll for the spell and the melee weapon.  If the spell requires a challenge roll, the target gets three boons.




Daily Punch Enhanced Proficiency feat for DnD 5e

Ok, I have two feats for today!  I’m conflicted as I think one is too powerful,but I think the other might be too weak.  Check them out and give me your thoughts.


Enhanced Proficiency

You are a true focused master!  Increase your proficiency bonus by +1.  This bonus occurs before any other effects or abilities would change your score such as expertise.




Enhanced Proficiency

You are a true focused master!  Gain the following:

  • Choose an ability score.  That ability score increases by +1, to a maximum of 20.
  • When you perform an attack, check, or saving throw using the ability score chosen above, increase your proficiency bonus by +1.  This bonus occurs before any other effects or abilities would change your score such as expertise.


What do you think is more balanced?

Daily Punch 5-10-16 Focused Ability feat for DnD 5E

I’ve been thinking about yesterdays feat.  Let’s work on it and make it a bit more general…


Focused Ability

You’ve trained yourself in one area to be the best that there can be.  Chose one ability score and gain the following:

  • Gain a +1 bonus to the chosen ability score, to a maximum of 20.
  • Gain a pool of three Focused Ability points for that ability.  You can spend one point to gain advantage on an attack, check, or saving roll using the ability chosen for this feat.  You must spend the point before the roll, and this advantage does not trigger abilities like sneak attack that require advantage.  This pool of Focused Ability points refreshes after a long rest.



Daily Punch 5-9-16 Feats of Strength feat for DnD 5e

How about a feat that works like lucky but for strength?


Feats of Strength

You are powerhouse among your people.  Gain the following:

  • Increase your Strength score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain a pool of three Feats of Strength points.  You can spend these points to gain advantage on a Strength check, attack, or save, but you must choose to do so before the dice are rolled.  This feat will counteract disadvantage from another source, but it will not trigger the rogues sneak attack damage.  After a long rest, you regain your Feats of Strength points.





Daily Punch 5-4-16 Preparation feat for DnD 5e

I always love characters who just happen to have what they need at any given time to get out of a strange situation.  Let’s make that happen in DnD.


Preparation feat

You might not be the smartest one in the room, but you are the most prepared.  When you gain this feat, spend 50 gp and gain the following:

  • Increase your Wisdom or Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain a collection of random “stuff”  these might range from iron chopsticks, bent forks, broken swords, and other items.  These items can not be used in combat, but you can use them to solve other problems.  If you are in a situation where you need a random, non-magical item that is not listed on your sheet, you can make a Intelligence or Wisdom saving throw DC 10.  On a success, you find an equivalent item that will suit your needs for this problem at hand.  These could be using iron chopsticks at pitons for a climb, a bent fork as working thieves tools, or even a broken sword hilt as a hammer.