Daily Punch 9-28-18 Way of the Bow monk feat for Pathfinder Playtest

More monk and bow madness!



prerequisite: Way of the Arrow
You may used either your Dexterity or Wisdom modifier when attacking with a bow.  In either case you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to attack rolls when using a bow.



Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Lover in the Ice

Product– Lover in the Ice

System– Delta Green

Producer– Arc Dream Publishing

Price– $4.99 here https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/184098/Delta-Green-Lover-in-the-Ice?affiliate_id=658618

TL; DR– Good adventure, Hard NC-17 rating!  85%

Basics-Some things are best left unremembered.  In “Lover in the Ice”, a snow storm opens up a Delta Green storage facility, and “something” gets out.  Can you stop whatever got out from loving its way across Missouri in a blizzard?


Theme or Fluff-The story of “Lover in the Ice” is a solid one.  Players race around a medium sized town in the middle of a blizzard of the century.  It’s got some great scenes that feel real and a lot of little extra fill out the world details.  What I miss from most of Arc Dream’s work is intro paragraphs of box text. These set the scene for the players and really the GM to get you in the right headspace for each location.  I’m long enough in the tooth that I can cobble one together from the description, but this is something that needs to be part of each place you visit! Players do a breach, bang, and clear for several houses and locations, and a quick section detailing what each room looks like will really help my players and me.  It doesn’t make the story any less fun, but it does make me have to do more work. What here though is fun, but HOLY COW it’s hard R. KNOW THIS GOING IN! If your group is ok with that, then have at this one! 4.5 /5


Mechanics or Crunch-Overall, I like what’s here, but I think some things need to be filled out a bit more. There is a monster that can do some very horrible things to the players.  I’d like a bit more words on how the attack is done. I have an idea of how it works, but I’d like either a few extra checks or two phase method of attack to make it happen.  Otherwise the attack looks like its a one and done prospect. That’s a bit rough. Also Delta Green likes to just give the players information saying if you have HUMINT 30% you know X.  I prefer to make the players roll. This is at odds with the ideas Arc Dream has of not making trivial things rolls, but it’s more in line with player expectations. Players like touching dice and even if I say “you know X because of your HUMINT 30%”  It feels less fun to the guy/gal holding the dice. Overall, this is much more of a social/explore mission than a straight up fire fight. Don’t expect Fallujah level fights here! This is a contain the problem mission. The mechanics work well, but I had a few issues that I changed on the fly because its my game and I can.  I think you will do the same, but I think these changes should be a standard part of the scenario. 4.25 /5

Execution-I like the basic setup of this mission.  Now, let’s get petty! “Lover in the Ice” has a decent layout, but for the price, I kinda want a cover page, more art, and hyperlinks.  Its a PDF, but not hyperlinked, so I get slightly annoyed. It’s pretty short, so this is a good one shot. But, I’d like a bit more production value.  The monster gets a hand drawn picture, but never a nice, graphic picture I can throw to my players. The handouts I gave to my players are amazing and horrified a few of the players to stop reading!  But the adventure puts up a few red herrings along the way. There is a section where players can keep finding random crap. Nothing in the random crap box is useful except one item. That is fun to see all the different things in there and what other things Delta Green might have been up to!  I’d also like player maps of places without the marks that a GM has. These unmarked maps are VERY useful as something I can plunk down on the table instead of having to remake maps or just cover up points of interest. I like the general execution of this adventure, but I’d like a few more things to really knock it out of the park.  4.25 /5

Summary-I really love this adventure!  It’s got a solid storyline, good execution, and enough action to keep the players involved.  It is not without its faults. I’d like a bit more direction or changes to some of the rules, some extra writing, and some minor things added to the product.  None of the faults here absolutely breaks the game in any way. Honestly, if your group can stand Hellraiser and wants to try Delta Green, then this is a great intro game.  If your group cannot stand theme of body horror and rape, then give this one a hard pass.  Just like sushi, it can be done amazing, but if you can’t stand raw fish, pass and be polite.  Don’t force anybody to eat the sushi! But if you want to try this one, it’s a great day to save the world from some crazy horrors in the snow!  85%

Daily Punch 9-26-18 Swarm Form spell for Pathfinder Playtest

Let’s become a swarm!


Casting Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting
Duration 1 minute or until dismissed
You transform into a Medium animal swarm form. You count as an animal in addition to your normal traits while in this form. Your gear is absorbed into your form; the constant abilities of your gear still function, but you can’t activate any item abilities. When you transform, you gain the following:
• Low-light vision.

•Treat your Athletics bonus as +14, unless your own bonus is already higher.

• Immunity to targeted weapons and resistance equal to half your level to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.
• AC 25 (TAC 22), ignore armor’s check penalty and reduced Speed.
• Weakness equal to your level to area damage
• You gain the a form of the swarming bites power.  As an action, each creature in the swarms space takes damage depending on the creatures type with a damage bonus of +6. These are Strength-based attacks (for the purposes of the enfeebled condition, for example).
The special statistics of your battle form can be adjusted only by penalties, circumstance bonuses, and conditional bonuses.  Your battle form prevents you from casting spells, speaking, or using most actions with the manipulate trait that require hands (the GM determines which actions of this sort you can take if there’s doubt).You can dismiss this spell with a Concentrate on the Spell action.
If you prepare this spell, choose from the following options. When in battle form, you gain the attacks, movement types, and special abilities listed. You can choose a more specific type of animal to turn into (such as a ladybug or scarab for beetle). This has no effect on your battle form’s size or statistics.

  •  Ant mandibles, Damage 2d6 bludgeoning; Speed 30 feet, climb 30 feet.
  •  Beetle mandibles, Damage 2d10 bludgeoning; Speed 25 feet.
  • Centipede darkvision; mandibles, Damage 1d8 piercing plus 1d4 persistent poison; Speed 25 feet, climb 25 feet.
  • Mantis scent; foreleg, Damage 2d8 bludgeoning; Speed 40 feet.
  •  Scorpion darkvision, tremorsense 60 feet; stinger, Damage 1d8 piercing plus 1d4 persistent poison; Speed 40 feet.
  • Spider darkvision, tremorsense; fangs, Damage 1d6 piercing plus 1d4 persistent poison. Speed 25 feet, climb 25 feet.
  • Bats darkvison; bite, Damage 2d6 pierceing, Speed 10, fly 30 feet.
  • Rats darkvision; bite, Damage 1d8 + Filth Fever(DC 15); speed 30.

Heightened (6th) Your battle form is Large.  Your transformed statistics are as follows: AC 28 (TAC 24);  damage bonus +12, Athletics +18;
Heightened (7th) Your battle form is Huge and your attacks have 15-foot reach. You must have enough space to expand into or the spell fails and is lost. Your transformed statistics  are as follows: Athletics +22; AC 30 (TAC 26); damage bonus +18 and double the number of weapon damage dice.