Daily Punch 12-20-21 SCREAM, RUN, SWING! barbarian feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

I want to help the wee barbarians out there. Charge give you some help, how about helping the barbarians?

SCREAM, RUN, SWING! Two ActionsFeat 1

Barbarian Rage Flourish Open

The rage and battle takes you. You enter your rage as normal, stride, and then make a melee strike against an enemy within range. You can use SCREAM, RUN, SWING! while Burrowing, Climbing, Flying, or Swimming instead of Striding if you have the corresponding movement type.

Daily Punch 12-9-21 Advanced Automation feat for Starfinder

You’re your own best friend!

Advanced Automation

You and your brain are you own best friend!

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, exocortex artificial intelligence

Benefit: When you use your combat tracking ability, you can track a second target. When you use your wireless hacking ability, your computer gains one additional standard action that can only be used by your exocortex to hack the computer.


Daily Punch 12-8-21 Advanced Arcana Attack feat for DnD 5e

Now to the spell casting rogue!

Advanced Arcana Attack

prerequisite: arcane tricker roguish archetype

Let’s make this magic hurt! When you make an attack that deal sneak attack damage, you can choose to reduce the number of sneak attack dice dealt. For each die you do to use in the attack, you can cast a spell of up to the level as part of the attack. You may not use this with cantrips.