Daily Punch 12-6-21 Serious Toxins feat for Starfinder

Let’s really play with poison!

Serious Toxins

Toxins are nothing to play with unless you know what you are doing

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, biohacker, toxicology field of study

Benefit: Your booster and inhibitor abilities now affect creatures immune to poisons.


Daily Punch 11/29/21 Brain Surgeon feat for Starfinder

Time to tinker with some brains!

Brain surgeon

It actually is brain surgery!

Prerequisites: Character level 6th, biohacker, Neurochemistry field of study

Benefit: When using your neurochemistry booster, the creature affected can make a saving throw when administer to end the effect of any effect causing the confused and staggered conditions as if the effect just stared. When using the inhibitor ability, the penalty to will saves is increased to -3.