Daily Punch 5-15-14 Alter Elements spell for BareBones Fantasy

How about one more spell for BareBones fantasy?



Alter Elements

Range: 2 spaces per spellcaster level

Usage: Unlimited

Duration: Concentration

Resistance: None or STR


Effect: This spell allows you to command the very elements of Keranak.  The element must be in the environment, and must be either air, earth, water, or wind.  Any processed element such as steel can not be manipulated using this spell.  You may command these elements into any shape or phase you choose.  An example is moving water to form a bridge then freezing the water.  You can also command the element to be hurled as if with a telekinetic blast.  Elements not under your control follow the normal rules of nature such as a ice bridge melting in the desert or partially completed rock bridges collapsing under their own weight.  Follow the rules for telekinetic blast amounts and max amount of material moved with a single use of the spell.




Daily Punch 5-13-14 Druid Class for BareBones Fantasy

With Wild Shape, we can have a druid!




This skill represents experince with the forces and order of Nature

  • Dual Natured– For each level in this class gain +5 in scout and cleric.
  • Natures Blessing-each druid level gain one of the following spells- wild shape, control weather, dispel, divination, entangle, heal, summon, transform.  Use the cleric skill to determine all effects for these spells.
  • Master of self and animals-Increase the number of times you can use Wild Shape and Summon to twice druid level for each.

Level     Name

1           Initiate

2          Druid of Earth/Wind/Fire/Water

3          Master of the Elements

4          Druid of Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring

5          Master of Seasons

6          Supreme Circle Leader



Daily Punch 5-12-14 Wild Shape Spell for BareBones Fantasy

I bought the BareBones Fantasy RPG at AnCon.  I’m liking what I’m seeing, but I know my wife would love to play a druid.  How about we start working on that….


Wild Shape

Range: Self Only

Usage: 1/day

Duration: Varies

Resistance: None


Effect:  This spell allows the caster to alter his/her shape into that of a living, natural creature.  The time and creature rank are similar to the Summon Spell, but with the deration multiplied by three.  The caster uses all the attributes of the creature summoned, but BP are not altered.  Any wounds done to the caster remain after the caster has reverted.  The caster may still cast spells while in the wild shape.  This may not be made permanent.  Any effects like permanent loss of ability points remain after the spells end.