Daily Punch 5-13-14 Druid Class for BareBones Fantasy

With Wild Shape, we can have a druid!




This skill represents experince with the forces and order of Nature

  • Dual Natured– For each level in this class gain +5 in scout and cleric.
  • Natures Blessing-each druid level gain one of the following spells- wild shape, control weather, dispel, divination, entangle, heal, summon, transform.  Use the cleric skill to determine all effects for these spells.
  • Master of self and animals-Increase the number of times you can use Wild Shape and Summon to twice druid level for each.

Level     Name

1           Initiate

2          Druid of Earth/Wind/Fire/Water

3          Master of the Elements

4          Druid of Summer/Winter/Fall/Spring

5          Master of Seasons

6          Supreme Circle Leader



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