Daily Punch 3-27-13 AND 3-28-13

Been a crazy day, but here are some random thoughts for you.  First from Shadowrun

Alternative Rule-All nighter-when you have a skill challenge where a check constitutes a day, you may make two checks per day.  Each day you make two checks, you take a -2 dice pool modifier from exhaustion.  After you stop taking extra checks per day, the penalty is reduced by 1 for every day you only make one check until the penalty is 0.

Here is a feat for DnD Next-

Critical Advantage-When you make an attack with advantage and roll the same value on each die, the result is considered a critical hit if the attack would normally hits the target.

Daily Punch 3-26-13

Last night I feel asleep after work, I think im getting sick.  SO no post from yesterday.  However here is one that would have been useful in my 4e game

Precise spell-Feat-When you have line of sight to a target, but not line of effect, you now how line of effect to the target of the spell.



Daily Punch 3-22-13

Something I want for a 4e character of mine, but I think it might work well for Pathfinder as well….

The Hard Way-Feat-Let’s just skip the easy way, and more right to hard…-Instead of charisma for Intimidate and Gather Information checks, you may use strength.  The target may become hostile to you after you gather the information desired from the target.


Daily Punch 3-21-13

Im playing the newest Playtest of DnD next, and I think there should be a feat for extra class features…


Extra features-Feat-Gain one additional class feature that you only gain once that does not give a static benefit such as an additional version of superior defense for fighter.


Thoughts?  What do you think of the DnD Playtest so far?  Moving in the right direction?

Daily Punch 3-19-13

How about some delayed gratification in Pathfinder?


Storing Energy-Metamagic Feat-When you prepare spells, you may select any number of spell slots and prepare spells in those slots.  If you do not use that spell that day, the next time you use the spell any effects of that spell are multiplied by 1.5.  If you do not use that same spell slot the next day, the multiplier becomes 2.  The multiplier for spell effects never becomes grater then 2.  Any spell that is stored does not change the level of the spell.


I like this one, BUT should the character lose hit points equal to the spell level they are storing?  So if you store a fireball, you lose 3 hit points and they cant be healed till you use the spell?  Thoughts gang?

Daily Punch 3-14-13

Its been a while since we had a 4e DnD feat, how about something that is applicable to now…


Last Minute-Feat-When you are about to fail a skill challenge, all people with this feat may immediately continue the challenge using the highest DCs for the challenge.  The DM may increase the DC for some skills or rule some are impossible.  You may continue the challenge until each person with this feat fails a check.  If the number of success reaches the success threshold before all members with this feat fail, you may consider the challenge as being successfully completed.



Daily Punch 3-13-13

I’ve been on a 5e kick, so lets keep the force hits going!


Force Explosion
3rd-­‐level evocation

An area of your choosing explodes as pure force ricochet around the entire area.

Effect: Choose a point within 50 feet of you. Each creature in a 20-­‐foot-­‐radius of that point must make a Dexterity saving throw.A creature takes 6d4 force damage on a failed save and half damage on a save.  Unattended objects are tossed randomly around the area.

Special: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of a level higher than 3rd, the damage increases by1d4 for each level above 3rd

Thoughts gang?