Daily Punch 3-3-14 One Unique Flaw (?/!) for 13th Age

I like the one unique aspect of 13th Age.  I also like flaws for characters.  Do these two great tastes taste great together?


In many games like WitchHunter or Fate, acting like you have described your character gets you benefits.  It also give the GM ways to (semi)reliably move the story.  An example is if you said you character is a drunk, and you enter a bar, your character should most likely get some drinks.  This will lead to trouble and story.  When you do that in Fate or WitchHunter you get chips that let you brake the game later.  That I like.  I like the give and take of narrative control and it gives RPGs a bit more of the “Eurogame” aspect rather then randomness.  If you bank some story, you should get to control a bit of the story.


In 13th Age, your characters are the most impressive in the world!  You can’t just be a drunk who swings a sword, you should NEVER be able to turn down a drinking challenge!  You can’t just be afraid of water, but you should have to be knocked out to be put on a boat almost like the A-team.


What I propose is playing a bit more with the relationship dice.  If I as the GM compel your one unique flaw, you should automatically get a 5 in your worst relationship.  If I compel your flaw and you have a 5, it moves to a 6.  Since those either become treasure or options in the story, it serves the role of bonus for the game.  However, since you are a PC, you get to choose if you take the bonus.  If you have a 6 and I compel your flaw, it moves to a 5.  If you have a 5, you lose your bonus.  If you have no good relationship dice, then you lose narrative control of the situation.  That’s when things become interesting….


What do you think?  Would this make an interesting addition to 13th Age?

Daily Punch 2-27-14 Run and Gun Feat for 13th Age

Still thinking about Running and Gunning.  How about a feat tree for 13th Age Characters?


Run and Gun

Adventurer Tier: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity when making a ranged attack in melee.  You may attempt to disengage as part of the attack as a free action.

Champion Tier: Gain a +2 bonus to ranged attack rolls made in melee.

Epic Tier: You gain a +4 bonus to saves made to disengage.  You may add the escalation die to all checks to disengage.



Daily Punch 2-18-14 Feats for Cure Wounds in 13th Age

I haven’t done some 13th Age feats for  awhile.  How about some for the Cleric?

Feats for Cure Wounds pg. 98

Adventurer Feat:  The target cure wounds add the escalation die to all saves for a round including any given by Cure Wounds

Champion Feat: One other nearby ally may spend two recoveries to heal a recovery in addition to the target of the Cure Wounds.

Epic Feat:  Cure Wounds recharges on a 9+


Daily Punch 1-13-14 Inspire Competence for Bards in 13th Age

Been playing some 13th Age lately, time for some ideas to come out.


Inspire Competence  Bard Talent

Up to a number of times equal to your charisma per scene when one our you allies attempts to use a skill check, you may apply one of your backgrounds to that roll that is appropriate.  This requires no action, but requires you to be able to be heard or seen by the target.



Daily Punch 11-29-13 Mobility Feat in 13th Age

I’ve been playing a bit more 13th Age lately.  We just jump started the Living 13th Age game in Jackson, MI, so you should go if you can!  How about a feat to help you get out of combat?




Adventurer Tier: Gain a +4 bonus to saves to disengage.

Champion Tier: Gain a +4 bonus to escape being grabbed.  You may add the escalation die to all disengagement checks.

Epic Tier: You only need to roll a 9 to escape being grabbed or disengage.  You may add the escalation die to all checks to escape being grabbed.



Daily Punch 10-23-13 Vampires in 13th Age?

Its almost Halloween!  How about an extra ghoulish race for 13th Age?



+2 Str or +2 Dex

Vampires may look like any other race, except they are unnatural pale.

Blood Drinker (Racial Power)

Once per day as a standard action, you may drink the blood of an adjacent immobilized, unconscious, or willing creature.  You gain a recovery and the creature loses a recovery.  Roll a save,on a +17 you regain the use of this power.  If the creature you drank blood from had no recoveries left, you still gain a recovery, but the creature will arise as a Vampire if not decapitated.

Champion Feat:  The value of the save may be +14.




Daily Punch-8-27-13

How about some love for 13th Age Clerics of the Magic God?



Choose sorcerer or Wizard.  You may swap out a spell of your lowest level with a sorcerer or wizard spell of the same level.  You use ability needed for the sorcerer or wizard power for its effects and attacks.

Adventurer Feat:  When you use a sorcerer or wizard power, you may use wisdom instead of the ability in the power.

Champion Feat:  You may swap out a second cleric spell for a spell of our chosen class.  You must still use a lower level spell instead of a higher level spell.

Epic Feat:  You may swap out a higher level spell for a higher level spell of your chosen class.

Daily Punch 8-5-13

Played a bunch 13th Age, let’s try my hand at this!


Battle Tempo

Adventurer Tier:  When the escalation die is an even number, gain a +1 bonus to all saves.  For the purposes of this feat, 0 is not an even number.

Champion Tier: When the escalation die is 1 or greater, gain a +1 bonus to all saves.

Epic Tier: The bonus to saves from the champion tier feat is now +2.