Daily Punch 8-15-17 Stunning Captain feat for Starfinder

Starfinder’s out!  Let’s start adding to it!


Stunning Captain

You’re very presence stuns lesser captains.

Prerequisite: Bluff or Intimidate 5 ranks

Benefit:  Add your Charisma modifier to the number of turns a ship is taunted.





Daily Punch 8-1-17 Exasperated Throw feat for DnD 5e

We’ve all beaten a toaster with a crowbar right?  Right?  This one comes from a dream my wife had.



Exasperated Throw

When you miss you get angry!  As a bonus action one per turn, if you miss an attack, you may throw the weapon you missed the attack with if the target is engaged with you.  The target of the missed attack attempts a Dexterity saving throw with the DC equal to 8 + your proficiency modifier + your melee attack modifier for the original attack.  If the target fails the attack, the weapon drops in its square and does damage equal to a normal damage.  If the weapon does not normally deal damage by itself like a bow, the damage type changes to bludgeoning.  On a success, the creature dodges and the weapon is throw 30 feet in a random direction.




Daily Punch 7-31-17 Thrash and Bash feat for Pathfinder

I said this was going to happen, so let’s end this feat tree.



Thrash and Bash

When choose one when you can have two!

Prerequisite(s): raging song class feature, Speed Metal, Choose to Thrash

Benefit(s):When you begin a raging song, every person who choose to be effected by your song chooses to either gain the bonus to strength or to dexterity as per Choose to Thrash, while still gaining a the bonus to constitution.  But, they also gain a bonus equal to half as much rounded down, to the stat did not choose.