Daily Punch 2-27-13

Its been a while, but today should be an Arcanis trait

Additional Training [Combat]

While training with your favorite weapon, you work the advanced combinations until they become basic skills

You may take this trait multiple times, when you do, choose a martial technique or weapon trick that is advanced and one tier lower then your current one. This ability is now considered a base ability.


Daily Punch 2-21-13

I’m working on a build for a swordmage in Pathfinder, but I’ve seen a problem that many pathfinder players have told me they run into, here is the fix…

Exchange Archetype-Feat-You may take this feat multiple times.  When you take this feat, choose one Archetype ability from any other Archetype then your own.  This ability replaces the normal ability of your class and Archetype.



Daily Punch 2-20-13

How about one more Pathfinder feat?  Should other classes get bardic knowledge?

Historical Perspective-Feat-Based on your study of the histories, you see connections that other do not see-You may use a history check as any other knowledge check with a -4 penalty on the check.  This functions in a similar fashion to bardic knowledge.


Daily Punch 2-19-13

Saw something in Shadowrun that made me think of a trait for Pathfinder

Warriors Honor-Trait-Whenever you encounter another warrior in peace time, you want to challenge them to a nonlethal duel.  The nature of the dual is a fight to first blood using nonlethal blows.  If you Win the duel, you gain a +2 bonus to social checks with this character as you have proven yourself superior to them.  If you fail, you gain a -2 penalty to social checks due to your overawe of the character.  If the character will not duel you, you consider the person below you, which grants a +1 bonus in intimidate checks and a -1 penalty to diplomacy checks.

Thoughts gang?

Ring Side Report- MittenCon

Its time for a review of my time at MittenCon!

MittenCon is a annual gaming convention at the Okemos Convention Center in Okemos, MI.  I’ve been to this place a few times as DaveCon also takes place here.

Organization:There really isn’t one…. but that’s on purpose.  The gaming is ~99% table top and the gaming is free form.  People bring their games, set them in piles on tables on the walls and then start gaming.   Not a bad way to do things, but unless you know what going on, you might get lost.  Con organization for dates and such is done via Board Game Geek.

Location:  The Okemos Convention Center is a great place.  Lots a cheap rooms for the gamers and a pretty friendly staff.  Not a ton of food near by, but there are favorites like McDonald’s and Applebee’s.

Games:What you bring is what you get.  Pretty fun.

Price:10 bucks for Saturday.  That’s when I went.

Vendors:  None.  Kind of a bummer.  Always great to see vendors at cons.  Also helps split the load cost-wise for the organizers.

My role in things:  I went to bring a splash of RPG’s to MittenCon. I ran pathfinder society “We be goblins!” and Arcanis intro game.   The pathfinder game was lightly attended, but Arcanis was a full boat.  Since I was running for a gaming store, lets home some more people show up!

Final Verdict: A fun con.  It needs store support, but I’d go again if it didn’t have it.

Daily Punch 2-18-13

Was watching some Adventure time and thought Finn would want one of these item enchantments for pathfinder….


The possible Sword-+2 magic enhancement-radiates mild evocation-as a swift action, you may sacrifice 1/8 of your total hit points and choose acid,  fire, cold, electricity, sonic, force, or necrotic.  The weapon now deals damage of that type instead of its normal damage.