Daily punch 2-14-13

Happy V-Day. How about a talent about love?

Romantic Partner-talent-two characters are required to have this talent if any character takes this talent-while a character with this talent is attacking an enemy threatening another character with this talent, the attacking character gains a +1attack bonus and the DC of all spells and abilities increases by +1. If one character with this trait dies then all others in this talent group gain a -1 penalty to attacks until they gain one level.


Daily Punch 2-13-13

How about another character trait for Pathfinder…

Dumb Luck-When you want to use a skill that you are untrained in, you may roll a d6.  If you roll a 6, you are considered trained in the skill with the most number of ranks possible for your level.  You may only gain the benefit of rolling a 6 once per day.

Thoughts gang?

Ring Side Report-Space Hulk-Death Angel

Now the Ring Side Report on Space Hulk-Death Angel!  TL;DR-Fun game, BUT you must be the right kind of player!

Art-It’s hard to screw up a space marine.  Art is kind of repetitive.  It gets the job done, but nothing amazing. 6/10

Players-1-6.  Game scales well, because the game for 1 player is the same for 4.  Kind of a cheap way to get around the problem. 6/10

Game-play: Roll a die, pray for the right number.  Flip a card and hope its not the worst thing ever.  Biggest decision you make is a choice  of what action to give your team, but you may not give the same action twice in a row. 7/10

Theme:  The theme is you are invading a space ship.  Monsters everywhere!  You will die…A LOT 8/10

Easy of learning:  Pretty quick and the rules are well written.  FF is pretty good at this and it keeps going here 9/10

Competitiveness:  Your only problem here is the fact that you have a time factor on your action choices.  If you work against each other you will die!  You MUST work together! 0/10

Summary-Fun game, not the best I’ve player, but fun none the less.  However, if you get frustrated, NOT THE GAME FOR YOU!

Daily punch 2-12-13

It’s time for some Shadowrun get negative qualities! This time with a touch of Johnny Nemmonic and something I want for my own character…

Negative quality
Data carrier
+5-in your head is a data device that you can’t access. You lose 0.5 essence and one person is looking for it.
+15-as +5but a group of people is looking for it.
+30- as+15 but the group is a megacorp or similar group and the device is linked to a cranial bomb. Any attemp to remove the data without the password must pass a hacking + computer check with 10 successes or trigger the bomb.


Daily Punch 2-11-13

Saw a few movies and thought of this trait for pathfinder


Obsessive Compulsive Fanaticism- Mental Trait-Your character is obsessed with a single interest.  This can range from a love of Gothic architecture to goblin language verb conjugation.  On any knowledge roll that is closely related to your interest, you gain a +5 bonus to the roll.  However, whenever an object of your obsession is nearby and you are not actively working with or discussing it, you take a -2 penalty to all skill rolls.


Thoughts gang?

Silver Screen Smackdown-Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Let’s do something new!  For for DnD at the movies.  This time its Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

My wife and I go to movies and see all the DnD that is in them.  This one is DnD TASTIC!

TL;DR-Not bad/not great, its what most DnD games turn into.

Summary-Hansel and Gretel grow up and become witch hunters.  They hunt a few witches, learn about themselves, we all laugh, we all cry…And go home.

Rating-3/5-Its a semiforgettable action movie full of anachronism.  Some people hate that, some are ok.  I spent most of the movie making fun that the characters could not pick a time period.  Funny lines abound.  An hour later you wont remember what happened   Its ok for the money and at least worth a rental.

The DnD in the Movie-My wife and I spent our time identifying what spells the witches were casting at any given time.  “Ok she just did produce flame…”  House explodes  “You’re wrong, it was fireball.”  …..”Well she must be pretty powerful, she just hit that dude with a command spell too blow his own head off.”    Even better the finally of the movie was that the characters find out how to cast Bless Weapon.  Also a main hidden point of the movie is that the main characters have a permanent protection from evil spell cast upon them.

Stupidest moment-Hansel is diabetic.  he wears a watch to remind himself to take in insulin.  During the final fight, guess what goes off….  REALLY!  You couldn’t set that thing an hour ahead to keep this shit from happening?!  Second best-my wife and arguing in hushed tones over if Hansel was type one or type two diabetic.

Comeuppance to Ed-The movie is about hunting witches.  I watched it and was openly mocking my wife because she is pagan and calls herself a witch.  I was having a grand old time…then we meet the troll.  He does some thing and ends up saving a main character.  When asked why the troll saved someone, he replies in his gravelly voice “Trolls serve witches.”  When asked his name, he replied, of course, “Edward”  From then on, my wife could not saying that I serve her…. yep all fun and games until it comes back to bite you on the ass….

Daily Punch 2-8-13 and Ring Side Report Agricola

First the Daily Punch and then my thoughts on Agricola

How about another Feat for Pathfinder?

Advanced Leadership-Feat-Requires Leadership-You gain +5 to your leadership score and the maximum level of your cohorts is increased by +3 with a maximum equal to your level.


Thoughts on That?


Now the Ring Side Report on Agricola!  TL;DR-This game is awesome!

Art-First thing you seen when you see a game is how it looks.  Shallow I know, but true.  The box looks cartoony and it always made me hesitate on this game.  (We’ll get to how wrong I was later).  The box are is mirrored on the game cards, but not really represented to well the parts of the game.  The game tokens are mostly colored wood.  Not bad, but not great.  I would have liked different shapes.   However, the cartoonyness of the of the cards does make this game seem pretty friendly. 8/10

Players-2-5  Games scale pretty well for the number of players. 9/10

Game-play: This is a Eurogame about worker placement.  The end goal is the most number of points after 14 turns.  At the end of some turns you must feed your workers.  At the same time you gain resources and use those to buy items to build on your farm.  At the end you score points for the number of each thing you have.  However, you dont score one to one.  Something you get 4 points for 10 items, but other you get 4 points for 5 cows.  It plays fast and fun. 8/10

Theme:  The theme if building your farm and family.  Like any good farm, you diversify.  The points reward diversification.  Home run 10/10

Easy of learning:  You need a bit of explanation and you have to think a bit in advance and adjust when you opponents take the option you want.  If you are playing cutthroat, it might not be as much fun, but the group I played with was fun.  7/10

Competitiveness:  You don’t attack each other directly, but my taking the options others want.  If you want a game where you attack each other , don’t play this.  However, since you don’t directly hurt each other, my wife and I could play this and not end up at each others throats!  2/10


End Summary:  Great family game with some depth.  Lots of different game strategies emerge base on some randomness.  Great fun!  Give it a try if you can.

Daily punch 2-6-13

Turn about is fair play for the mages in shadowrun

Twined souls-positive quality-10bp-you may bind two spirits to you. The cost to bind these spirits is doubles and the only perform half as many tasks. However when you give a command to one spirit, both spirits perform this task.


Daily Punch 2-5-13

Playing Shadowrun tonight, and man do I wish I had this for those extra hard fights

Networked Drones-ranked program-This program allows several different drones to be networked and follow an action as if each drone was given the same action through a simple action.  The cost of this item is equal to the sum of all pilot programs for each drone.  The networked drones all use the rank of the pilot check equal to the lowest pilot check used to determine the cost of this program.