Ring Side Report-Space Hulk-Death Angel

Now the Ring Side Report on Space Hulk-Death Angel!  TL;DR-Fun game, BUT you must be the right kind of player!

Art-It’s hard to screw up a space marine.  Art is kind of repetitive.  It gets the job done, but nothing amazing. 6/10

Players-1-6.  Game scales well, because the game for 1 player is the same for 4.  Kind of a cheap way to get around the problem. 6/10

Game-play: Roll a die, pray for the right number.  Flip a card and hope its not the worst thing ever.  Biggest decision you make is a choice  of what action to give your team, but you may not give the same action twice in a row. 7/10

Theme:  The theme is you are invading a space ship.  Monsters everywhere!  You will die…A LOT 8/10

Easy of learning:  Pretty quick and the rules are well written.  FF is pretty good at this and it keeps going here 9/10

Competitiveness:  Your only problem here is the fact that you have a time factor on your action choices.  If you work against each other you will die!  You MUST work together! 0/10

Summary-Fun game, not the best I’ve player, but fun none the less.  However, if you get frustrated, NOT THE GAME FOR YOU!

One thought on “Ring Side Report-Space Hulk-Death Angel

  1. I don’t agree with the 0/10 for competitiveness…even though you’re not competing against each other, you’re still competing against the game. If give it a 6/10. It was really hard but with luck I think we could win.

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