Daily Punch 10-30-12

Its time for a multi game feat!

Advance into the cut when you kill an enemy with a melee attack, you may move 5 feet as a free action in between any other attacks this round.  Limit once per round.  This movement does not provoke any attacks from the enemies.

Daily Punch 10-29-12 On a Monday?

Hay gang, I just got my playtest packet.  I want to go over it.  The next Combo will be based on it, so in the meantime, its a pathfinder feat!

Divine Guidance requires Channel Divinity, Selective Channeling  when you channel divinity, you may select a number of enemies in the burst that are you may target for turn undead equal to your charisma modifier.  This turn damage is in addition to the people your also healed with channel divinity

Daily Punch 10-23-12

Another pathfinder quicky

Hush Brd 0, Wiz/Sor 1, Clr 1 Standard Action Verbal Somatic  Range medium.    You raise you finger to you lips and blow making a shiss noise.  One target makes a Will saving throw.  If they fail, target can not speak for 1 round/caster level.  Target can still move and may make noise in any other fashion

Monday Combo 10-22-12

I’ve been looking over the DnD next stuff, and do you know what it needs?  WARFORGED!

Warforged Racial Traits

-Living Construct-Unlike a construct, warforged are not immune to mind-affecting spells, but is immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, and energy drain.  Any spells that target living creatures do half the amount of damage or healing to a warforged.  Spells that fix physical objects like mending heal the full amount to a warforged

-warforged are considered to be in both wooden and metal armor for effects of spells and abilities. ie heat metal etc

-Warforged do not heal normally like other races and much be repaired via spells

-Warforged to not need to sleep, eat, or breathe, but may choose to do so

-Counts as a medium creature

-Gains plating- +2 armor that does not interfere with spell casting.

Distinct races

Front Line Combat Warforged

+1 bonus to CON

+1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls


Scout Warforged

+1 bonus to DEX

May build one small weapon into your body.  This weapon is considered masterwork and may be switched to as a free action.  To detect this weapon, anyone must make a wis(search) check vs your dex(stealth).




Daily Punch 10-19-12

Time for some Pathfinder!


Reckless Assault  prerequisite: Stunning Fist   benefit:  you can choose to take a -1 penalty on an attack that delivers a stunning fist to increase the DC of the stunning fist by +1. When your base attack bonus reaches +1, and every 4 points thereafter, the penalty increase by -1 and the bonus increases by +1.


Thoughts gang?

Daily Punch 10-16-12

More politics in my pathfinder…

Soap Box Speech (Combat)

Prerequisite:Skill Focus(perform(oratory))

Benefit: Make an Perform check as a full round action with a DC equal to 10 + sense motive modifier + level of each foes within 30 feet who can hear your speech.  If successful, the opponent is dazed.  If the opponent is effected or not effected, it can not be effected again for 24-hours.