Daily Punch 10-29-12 On a Monday?

Hay gang, I just got my playtest packet.  I want to go over it.  The next Combo will be based on it, so in the meantime, its a pathfinder feat!

Divine Guidance requires Channel Divinity, Selective Channeling  when you channel divinity, you may select a number of enemies in the burst that are you may target for turn undead equal to your charisma modifier.  This turn damage is in addition to the people your also healed with channel divinity

One thought on “Daily Punch 10-29-12 On a Monday?

  1. Not sure how Channel Divinity plays in Pathfinder but that aside it seems like a good feat. I would probably limit the amount of targets as a hole thou. Instead of doing damage to x undead and healing x characters (where x is your wisdom modifier) it should be both undead and characters totaling no more than your wisdom modifier. Alternatively I would say it affects your wisdom modifier plus a number of creatures equal to your cleric level divided by 4 (5?). That way it has growth potential as well. It seems appropriate considering the amount of “Mass” spell available to higher level characters. Also I would rename it. Righteous Divinity. You heal those worthy of your gods blessing while punishing the wicked. Just saying.

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