Daily Punch 5-31-23 Create External Umbilus spell for Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed

How about we make the cow mother?

Create External Umbilus

Cost: 20 magic points; 2d8 Sanity points
Casting time: a week
A fatted heifer is led into a pitch black barn, the barn is locked, and the caster must chant prayers to Shub-Niggurath for the entire time. During the casting, strange visions will be glimpsed between the barn slats that will drive the cater mad and tempt them to enter the barn. If the cater fails a Power roll during caster they enter the barn and will never see seen again. Some casters use others to hold them back from entering. Upon completion, a dark purple light will fall from the heavens and pulse in the barn, and the bark doors will fly open. The external umbilus will then walk from the barn bound to the caster.
Alternative names: Summoning the Revered Mother, Generation of the help, gift of the dark farmer, Create Cows of the dark wood


Daily Punch 5-30-23 External Umbilus creature for Call of Cthulhu

Time to Gear up and make a new adventure! Let’s use cows to make monsters out of men!

External Umbilus
STR 140
CON 65
SIZ 180
DEX 40
POW 70
HP: 23
Damage Bonus: +3D6
Average Build: 4
Move: 12
Attacks per round: 1
Fighting attacks: This creature has at least three sharp horns that emerge at random angles from its head. It also has strong muscular legs that can stomp and kick.
Fighting 40% (20/8), damage 1D8 + damage bonus
Dodge 25% (12/5),
Armor: The External umbilus has week skin stretched across its abdomen. Any damage to the creatures causes gouts of fluid to easily spray from External umbilus doing additional 1d3 damage spraying out five feet. Any creature within that range must attempt a dodge roll or be covered in the sickly sweet blood and amniotic fluid.
Sanity: 1d3/1d8

The external umbilus is mostly cow shaped, but it has a larger frame, head full of odd horns, and its abdomen is swollen to the point it drags on the ground and is paper thing. Also of note, running from the sternumto the tail is a closed opening surrounded by oddly shaped and swollen udders and teats. This is where the “minotaurs” emerge when the blessing is complete and how they are nursed.

Spoilers for tomorrow!

Daily Punch 5-29-23 Contingency Jewelry magic item for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

I want some Jeweler that holds some spells?

Contingency Jewelry, minor Item 14

Consumable Magical Abjuration
Price 900 gp
Usage wear as jewelry
Activate  envision; Trigger An action occurs that you specify; 

This device is custom built to look like regular jewelry, but it also contains a matrix to hold a spell. Any spell caster can cast any spell of 4th level or lower into the device and specify the conditions that will result in the spell being cast and if they spell will affect the wearer or if it just centered on the wearer. Upon being dispelled, the jewelry falls apart and disintegrates into dust. This spell can prevent things like death if this spell would heal the target.

Contingency Jewelry Item 16

Consumable Magical Abjuration
Price 2,000 gp
Usage wear as jewelry
Activate  envision; Trigger An action occurs that you specify; 

As contingency Jewelry minor, but the spell can be up to level 6th.

Contingency Jewelry, major Item 18

Consumable Magical Abjuration
Price 5,000 gp
Usage wear as jewelry
Activate  envision; Trigger An action occurs that you specify; 

As contingency Jewelry minor, but the spell can be up to level 7th.

Contingency Jewelry, epic Item 20

Consumable Magical Abjuration
Price 14,000 gp
Usage wear as jewelry
Activate  envision; Trigger An action occurs that you specify; 

As contingency Jewelry minor, but the spell can be up to level 8th.


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Fortune’s Fall

Product– Starfinder Society Intro: Year of Fortune’s Fall

System- Starfinder

Producer– Paizo

Price– $6 here https://paizo.com/products/btq02eg2?Starfinder-Society-Intro-Year-of-Fortunes-Fall  

TL; DR-Welcome to the sixth season! 90%

Basics– LET’S GO TO THE… museum?  The Starfinder society is partnering with many different groups to show off artifacts of the past.  What wonders will be shown, what friends will be made, and who might want to mess with this display?  

Mechanics or Crunch– Paizo has a solid adventure here, with a decent balance of talking and combat.  The flow is mostly talking for the first half and then combat for the second.  There are a lot of NPCs to sway, so combat might get a little bit left to the side as its really only two fights.  That said, it’s done well.  4.5/5

Theme or Fluff–  This is a one building adventure.  You really only spend time in one museum for the entire adventure, schmoozing with different people learning about things that  will happen later in the season’s adventures.  That is pretty standard for the first adventure in a Starfinder Society season.  My one issue is the adventure is pretty short.  Most of the time I run this it’s less than three hours for a five hour session.  The players have fun and the story is decent.  Overall, its a good addition to the first adventures of each season. 4.5/5

Execution– PDF? Yep.  Hyperlinked?  Yep. Solid Art?  Yep.  Good layout? Yep!  This is what I expect from a Paizo adventure.  Things are not perfect, as they give good pictures for everything except for one enemy type, so you will need your own picture.  It’s not bad by any means, but it’s one small thing.   4.5/5

Summary– This is a fun adventure.  It’s short and a little unbalanced in story tempo if you are a combat monster, but overall it’s a good one.  I had fun, and so did my players.  It’s not perfect, but definitely one that I will be gladly running for multiple groups this year!  90%

Daily Punch 5-26-23 Gift of Eternal Life spell for Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed

how about getting what you ask for…

Gift of Eternal Life

Cost: 16 magic points; 1D6 Sanity points
Casting time: a week
This ritual is a foul magick that imbues the caster with eternal life at a cost. Few who complete this ritual enjoy the results but none can doubt the effect. Upon completion the caster is wracked with pain as they swell internally. As the swell, their skin splits and bones break. After the bloody mess is completed, the caster is changed into a intelligent ghoul using the normal statistics of a ghoul while keeping there power statistics and any skills they possess. This is the gift that does keep giving.

Alternative names: Ritual of Rebirth, The Continuing Gift, The Endless Hunger, The Gift of the Ground

Daily Punch 5-24-23 Trigger Spell spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

I want to be covered in so many spells that when I get hurt its a NUKE!

Trigger Spell Spell 1

Traditions arcane, divine
Cast somatic, verbal
Range touch; Targets one willing target
Duration 1 hour or until used

You channel magical energy from a second spell into this spell. This means you will cast this spell and a second spell using two spell slots at once. the second spell can be cast at any level, and that will determine the effects of the second spell. If one spell has a longer casting time, then the total spell casting length is the longer one. When you cast this spell, choose a condition for the second chosen spell to be cast such as damage to the target or hitting with a melee weapon. When the chosen spell goes off, any attacks or saves are made using your attack or save value. You can also choose if the spell affects the target this is cast onto.

Heightened (level 3) The duration increases to 1 day.

Heightened (level 5) The duration increases to 1 week.

Heightened (level 7) The duration increases to 1 month.

Heightened (level 8) The duration increases to 1 year.


Daily Punch 5-23-23 Spell Storing Jewelry magic item for Starfinder

Let’s store a spell in a friendship bracelet!

Spell Storing Jewelry

This normal looking jewelry looks like any other basic store piece but it’s also built continuing a custom magic matrix that holds a single spell. As a swift action, you can cast the spell using any attacks, feats, and saves of the caster. The jewelry does not come with a spell in it but any spell may be cast into the jewelry. Once the spell is cast the jewelry degrades and falls apart

 Spell Storing Jewelry, Mk 1

Level 1; Price 50; Bulk L

This may store up to a level 2 spell

 Spell Storing Jewelry, Mk 2

Level 5; Price 425; Bulk L

This may store up to a level 4 spell

 Spell Storing Jewelry, Mk 3

Level 9; Price 1,950; Bulk L

This may store up to a level 6 spell


Daily Punch 5-22-23 Trigger Spell for Starfinder

I want to cast a spell and have it go off later!

 Trigger Spell
Classes Mystic 1-6
School Divination
Casting Time 1 standard action or varies
Range touch
Targets one living creature or item creature is holding
Duration varies
Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)
Description With the authority of all magic behind you, you proclaim to be cast in the future specifying a trigger. Choose a spell that is cast as this spell is cast and a trigger for the spell. If the other spell is longer than one action, the casting time of this spell changes to that spell’s plus one action. The other spell is cast or must be cast at the time of casting trigger spell. That other cast spell will be case whenever the trigger occurs. If that spell would occur and prevent an event from occurring like a mystic cure preventing a target from reaching zero hit points, that the creature never hit zero hit points. If cast on a weapon and that weapon strikes a target then any spell with a target of creature touched would count as touched. If a spell requires an attack roll or a save and the trigger was not striking a target, then the spell would use your current ranged attack roll or save DC values. You can only have one trigger spell active on you or your carried gear at a time.
The duration of the spell depends on the level you it as.
1st: 1 hour
2nd: 1 day
3rd: 1 week
4th: 1 month
5th: 1 year
6th: until triggered