Daily Punch 5-24-23 Trigger Spell spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

I want to be covered in so many spells that when I get hurt its a NUKE!

Trigger Spell Spell 1

Traditions arcane, divine
Cast somatic, verbal
Range touch; Targets one willing target
Duration 1 hour or until used

You channel magical energy from a second spell into this spell. This means you will cast this spell and a second spell using two spell slots at once. the second spell can be cast at any level, and that will determine the effects of the second spell. If one spell has a longer casting time, then the total spell casting length is the longer one. When you cast this spell, choose a condition for the second chosen spell to be cast such as damage to the target or hitting with a melee weapon. When the chosen spell goes off, any attacks or saves are made using your attack or save value. You can also choose if the spell affects the target this is cast onto.

Heightened (level 3) The duration increases to 1 day.

Heightened (level 5) The duration increases to 1 week.

Heightened (level 7) The duration increases to 1 month.

Heightened (level 8) The duration increases to 1 year.



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