Daily Punch 9-15-22 Hostility spell for Shadowrun 6e

Ok, once more for another system.

LOS (A) P S 4
Pure unadulterated anger smashes into the targets mind and everyone and everything that has angered it in the past must feel that pain. Roll Sorcery + Magic vs. Willpower + Logic. For a number of rounds equal to the net hits on the test the target randomly attacks any other targets or other members of its own group if part of a grunt group.
Rage has the same effect except it affects all targets in an area.


Daily Punch 9-13-22 Hostility spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Let’s keep this rolling!

Hostility Spell 1

Emotion Enchantment Mental
Traditions arcane, occult, primal
Bloodlines diabolic
Deities Asmodeus, Belial, Calistria, Conqueror Worm,  Zura
Cast somatic, verbal; Action 2 actions
Range 30 feet; Targets 1 creature
Saving Throw Will; Duration 1 minute

You cloud a targets mind with only hate and all the misdeeds everyone it can see has done to it. It must attempt a Will save.

You can Dismiss the spell. At the end of each round, the target may make another Will save to end the spell

Critical Success The target is unaffected and aware you cast the spell.
Success The target is unaffected but does not know which spell you attempted to cast.
Failure The target’s attitude becomes hostile toward everyone and it randomly attacks a target each turn.
Critical Failure The target’s attitude becomes hostile toward everyone, it randomly attacks targets each turn and it does not get a Will save at the end of its first turn under the effect of this spell.

Daily Punch 9-8-22 Hostility spell for DnD 5e

I like this idea. Let’s keep it going!


1st-level enchantment

Casting Time:1 action
Range:30 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: concentration, up to one minute

You attempt to enrage a humanoid you can see within range. It must make a Wisdom saving throw. If it fails the saving throw, it treats all creatures it can see as hostile until the spell ends. Each round at the start of its turn, it can attempt another Wisdom saving throw to end the spell.


Daily Punch 9-7-22 Hostility M1 W1 spell for Starfinder


Classes Mystic 1, Witchwarper 1
School enchantment (mind-affecting)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Targets one humanoid creature
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes


You fill a target with rage and cloud it judgment. Upon failing its save, the target immediately becomes hostile to all creatures around it regardless of what it felt the moment before as all past issues come to the surface. The target will attack any target it can see for the duration of the spell. After the first target is attacked, each round after the first it is entitled a new Will saving throw to end the effect.


Daily Punch 8-22-22 Divine Burst mystic spell for Starfinder

Ok, had to do the ground work so now we can get to the one I was hoping for!

Divine Burst

Classes Mystic 1
School transmutation
Casting Time 1 swift action or 1 reaction
Range touch
Targets one creature
Duration instantaneous


Your god imparts fraction of itself into your target helping it with its next task. You can cast this as a swift action on your turn or as a reaction to you or an ally making a skill check. The target gains a +5 divine bonus to the triggering skill check.


Daily Punch 7-26-22 Protective Pebble spell for Starfinder

Let’s keep a good idea running!

 Protective Pebble
Classes Mystic 1-6, Witchwarper 1-6
School evocation
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range personal
Duration 10 minutes
Saving Throw none; 
You create balls of force that fly around you head. When an enemy comes within 10 feet of you a ball automatically flies at the target, making a ranged attack against its EAC and dealing 1d6 force damage. If the target is struck, it must make a Fortitude save. On a failure the target is knocked back 10 feet. Each projectile has the knockdown critical hit effect.

1st: When you cast protective pebble, you summon 3 force pebbles.

2nd: When you cast protective pebble, you summon 5 force pebbles.

3rd: When you cast protective pebble, you summon 7 force pebbles.

4th: When you cast protective pebble, you summon 9 force pebbles.

5th: When you cast protective pebble, you summon 11 force pebbles.

6th: When you cast protective pebble, you summon 13 force pebbles.


Daily Punch 7-25-22 Protective Pebble spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

How about a different implementation of a spell?

Protective Pebble Spell 1

Evocation Attack
Traditions arcane, primal
Cast 2 actions somatic, verbal
Range 10 feet Duration 10 minutes

When you cast this spell you create three balls of force the size of a pebble that float around you head. For the duration of the spell or until all the pebbles are expended, when an enemy enters within 10 feet of you, as a reaction, make a ranged spell attack against the targets AC. On a success, you deal 1d6 force damage and the target must make a basic Fortitude saving throw. On a failure, the target is pushed back 10 feet. On a critical failure, the target is pushed back 10 feet and knocked prone. You determine the direction the target is pushed, and the pebble is expended regardless if the enemy is hit or missed.

Heightened (+1) The number of pebbles increases by 1.