Daily Punch 11-16-20 Experience positive quality for Shadowrun 6e

Some fun that came up from my last game.

Good judgment is the result of experience, and experience is the result of bad judgement.
Cost: 12 Karma
Game Effect: Choose a skill. When you fail using that skill or earn no net hits, gain a point of edge.


Daily Punch 11-11-20 Disfigure spell for Shadowrun

Why not throw one more version up here? Shadowrun doesn’t get enough love!

Touch P Special 6
You touch a target and carve into it’s very well and flesh breaking spirit and spine in the process causing the target to lesson with this curse. The caster decides which attribute or skill to target before casting the spell. The caster rolls a Sorcery + Magic vs. Willpower+targeted attribute or Willpower + targeted skill. They can select how many net hits they actually apply to the target at a rate of 1 point of decrease per 2 net hits for a skill and 1 point decreased per 4 net hits for an attribute; for each net hit applied
beyond the second, the Drain Value of the spell increases by 1. A caster my not target the same attribute or skill but may target other attributes and skills later and other casters may target the same skill if they choose. This spell lasts for 30 days, you end the curse with a thought, or the caster of the spell dies.


Daily Punch 10-19-20 Disrupt Balance spell for Shadowrun 6e

How about more love for Shadowrun?

Disrupt Balance
LOS            M        I             5         SPECIAL
Life is balance, and with just a simple push you can destroy it plunging a creature’s internal chemistry into chaos.  Roll Sorcery + Magic vs. Willpower +Body.  The target takes chemical elemental damage required to the net hits and has its body is reduced by half the net hits.  This counts as a corroded for effects that remove damage and effects and a target will only have its body reduced by the arrest effect of disrupt balance, not the cumulative effect of multiple castings. This damage to body is repaired normally over time or via magic.


Daily Punch 9-22-20 General Mentor Spirit for Shadowrun 6e

More love for Firing line!

The General if a battle field leader, leading from the front and using tactics to guide his warriors instead of brute force. General magicians tend to be distance but do celebrate with their soldiers. They play chess with men’s lives, but they play to win!

Edge Boosts cost 1 less for small unit tactics tests
Magician: Edge Boosts cost 1 less for spells, preparations, and rituals in the illusion category
Adept: 2 free levels of Attribute Boost (Logic)
You must succeed in a Willpower + Charisma (3) test to turn down a challenge of any kind.
Similar Archetypes: leader, mastermind

Daily Punch 9-21-20 Military Precision positive quality for Shadowrun 6e

How about some love for Shadowrun? Time to dig deeper into Firing Squad

Military Precision
You and your friends may have spent time either in the backwoods running drills or you spent time running drills in a military In either case, when you set up a team to move properly, the move properly!
Cost: 10 Karma
Game Effect: You gain an Edge on Small Unit Tactics tests to do a combat maneuver as a team.