Daily Punch 1-30-20 That Damn Good positive quality for Shadowrun 6e

Saw a few of these kind of qualities, so I would like to propose a generic one to cover all the bases.



That Damn Good(Skill
Others are lucky, you’re just good
• Cost: 12 Karma
• Game Effect: Choose a skill with which you have at least one rank in and is not directly combat related.  When you perform a test with that skill, you gain a point of Edge that must be spent on that test, or it goes away.



Daily Punch 1-29-20 Practice Makes Perfect quality for Shadowrun 6e

Been a while, but we’re diving into Shadowrun 6e.  Here is something I think needs to exist.


Practice Makes Perfect
You spend the time putting in practice, and you just get quicker, better, and no longer requiring as much luck!
Cost: 8 Karma
Game Effect: Choose an edge action.  That edge action costs one less.