Daily Punch 11-15-17 Serum Savior feat for Starfinder

I like when non-magic character get a chance to heal people, so healing potions have always been a favorite of mine.  Let’s build a character how reals people better!


Serum Savior

You are a master of using little injections for big results.

Benefit: When you use a Serum of Healing, multiply the amount healed by 1.5.






Daily Punch 11-13-17 Breach, Bang, and Clear feat for Starfinder

Played Starfinder over the weekend. Lets build off what happened!

Breach, Bang, and Clear (COMBAT)

Why run from the bang when you can run it!

Prerequisites: Grenade Proficiency

Benefit: When

you make a full attack full round action that uses a grenade and a different weapon, the action becomes a standard action instead. Your move action after the attack must end in the area of the grenade’s attack area.


Daily Punch 11-2-17 Adrenal Surge item for Starfinder

One more quick Starfinder Idea.  Let’s make Stamina happen mid battle!

Item Level Cost Weight RP Used
Adrenal Surge, mk 1 1 50 L 3
Adrenal Surge, mk 2 5 425 L 2
Adrenal Surge, mk 3 9 1,950 L 1
Adrenal Surge

This syringe is plunged right into the hear(s) of the user.  It floods the user with chemicals that instantly revitalize the user restoring all Stamina Points at the cost of RP.  The different levels of the serum represent different crudities of the production and deployment as the more pure hormones cost more to produce and cause less damage to the user.



Daily Punch 11-1-17 Stamina Rejuvenation spell for Starfinder

Let’s play with stamina in Starfinder and the mystic.


Stamina Rejuvenation M1–5

School conjuration (healing)

Casting Time 1 standard action

Range touch

Targets one living creature


Saving ThrowWill half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

With a touch, you infuse a creature with strength, restoring a number of stamina points while still spending a resolve point.

Stamina Rejuvenation cure restores a number of stamina points to your target depending on the spell’s level.

1st: 1/2 Stamina Total

3rd: 3/4 Stamina Total

5th: Full Stamina Total



Daily Punch 10-31-17 Deep Stab Fighter Maneuver for DnD 5e

How about another idea that come up over the weekend.  LET’S STAB PEOPLE!


Deep Stab. As an action you can expend one superiority die to deeply stab your weapon into the target of a melee attack.  If the attack is successful, you drive the weapon deep into the target.  You are considered .  As an action the target or a friendly target can attempt a Strength check (DC equal to your save DC) to remove the weapon.  At the end of each round that a target has a weapon stuck inside of it, the target takes damage equal to your superiority die.  The target is considered to have armor of the same material as your weapon for all effects a spells.