Daily Punch 2-1-23 Blending Magical Sight skill feat for Pathfinder

I think detect magic should get a bit more love from the schools that can cast it. Let’s fix up the Arcane Senses feat a bit.

Blending Magical Sight Feat 7

General Skill
Prerequisites expert in divine, occult, or primal

Magic bleeds from one tradition to another.. You can cast 1st-level detect magic at will as an innate spell. If you’re a legendary in a chosen skill, the spell is heightened to 3rd level

Daily Punch 1-18-23 Recycler Grenade for Starfinder

I’ve been playing Prey, and my favorite part of this Sci-Fi game is the ability to take apart creatures and make useful stuff from them. We can do this in starfinder too!

Recycler Grenade

This grenade causes bonds between atoms to brake and condense into a cube of cube of UPBs for all targets within range. This weapon does untyped damage to all creatures in the area. No damage resistance applies to this damage except for any creatures that lack a physical body of any kind. After the damage is delt to all targets and surrounding material and location, a number of UPBs are created equal to the total damage dealt.

 Recycler Grenade, Mk 1

Level 5; Price 950
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage 1d8; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (1d8 E; 20 ft.)

 Recycler Grenade, Mk 2

Level 9; Price 4,350
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage —; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (3d8; 20 ft.)

Recycler Grenade, Mk 3

Level 15; Price 37,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage —; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (6d8 E; 20 ft.)

Recycler Grenade, Mk 4

Level 17; Price 82,500
Hands 1; Proficiency Grenade
Damage —; Range 20 ft.; Critical —
Capacity drawn
Bulk L; Specialexplode (12d8 ; 20 ft.)

Daily Punch 1-6-23 Rock Slide Monk feat for Pathfinder 2nd ed.

Building off the mountain stance.

Rock Slide 2 actions Feat 6

Archetype Martial Artist*
Prerequisites Mountain Stance
Requirements You are in Mountain Stance.
* This archetype offers Rock Slide at a different level than displayed here.

You smash into a foe with the force of rock fall. Make a stride and then a melee attack using your mountain stance attack. If you hit, the target must make a Fortitude save. If it fails, the target moves a number of feet equal to half the distance you moved this turn, rounded down. On a critical failure, the target moves equal to the total distance you moved this turn. If you moved before using Rock Slide, add that distance to the total you moved this turn to calculate how far the target moves.

Special If you have this feat, while you are in Mountain Stance, you gain +2 status bonus to saves to avoid being forced to move or knocked prone.


Daily Punch 1-4-23 Mountain Stance feat for DnD 5e

Why not have stances for DnD?

Mountain Stance

prerequisite: monk unarmed attack feature

No force can move you! As an bonus action, you can enter the stance of the mountain. You can only be in one stance at a time When you do, gain the following benefits:

  • Gain advantage on any saves to remain where you are, remain stationary, and remain upright. Enemies gain disadvantage on any attempts via attacks, spells, or abilities to remove you or knock you down.
  • When you are upright and have both feet on the ground, one attack you make each round gains bonus damage equal to 1/2 your level, rounded down.


Daily Punch 1-3-22 Camerlengo’s Hammer artifact for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

time for a version in Pathfinder !

Camerlengo’s Hammer Item 21

Rare Divine Evocation
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1
Base Weapon any hammer

This hammer is the most prized possession of the second of command of a faith and is passed down as the new leader is chosen to the new second in command. The hammer is a +3 major striking holy/unholy cold iron hammer of whatever hammer the faith prefers carved to be a holy symbol for the faith. This weapon counts as a holy symbol for any spellcasting purposes.

Divine Wielder If you’re a character capable of casting divine spells, you also gain the following two benefits.

  • When you critically hit an enemy of your faith, the creature is slowed 1 and enfeebled 2 for 1 round.
  • You can activate the hammer in the following way.

    Activate  command; Frequency once per day; Action three actions; Requirements You hit an incapacitated creature three times using the hammer; Effect The creature is instantly destroyed and turned to ash. The creature can not be resurrected to live via any means. The creatures soul is freed from any bonds. oaths, or deals it made in life and is instead sent for judgement and sent to the correct afterlife as a normal soul. The also means that any deals the creature struck to avoid punishment or gain power in another live are also null and void. The only way to return the creature to life is via miracle cast by a 20th level cleric of the faith where the soul was sent to in its afterlife .