Daily Punch 10-11-14 Improved Quick Patch feat for Starfinder

Let’s build off yesterday’s feat with an improved version.


Improved Quick Patch

You ain’t got time to bleed.

Prerequisite: Quick Patch

Benefit:When you use RP to regain stamina, you regain 1/2 your hit points as well.  This amount does not stack with quick patch.





Daily Punch 9-12-17 Not Welcome Negative quality for Shadowrun 5e

Let’s flip the Shadowrun coin for being settled in the 6th world.


Not Welcome

Bonus: 5 karma

You hate all this magic, tech, and spirit crap.  You just want a simple life where dragons belong in books!  When you resist a power from a creature or person, and the power  isn’t a magic spell, attack in the physical roll, or hacking attempt, you have a -2 dice pool penalty  on the resistance roll.