Daily Punch 7-10-18 Ranged Solar Weapons Solarian for Starfinder

I want a Solarian with a gun…SAY NO MORE!


Class Level
Solar Manifestation
Solar Pistol Solar Rifle
1st 1d4 1d8
2nd 1d4 1d8
3rd 1d4 1d8
4th 1d4 1d8
5th 1d4 1d8
6th 2d4 2d8
7th 2d4 2d8
8th 2d4 2d8
9th 3d4 3d8
10th 3d4 3d8
11th 3d4 3d8
12th 3d4 4d8
13th 5d4 5d8
14th 6d4 6d8
15th 7d4 7d8
16th 8d4 8d8
17th 9d4 9d8
18th 10d4 10d8
19th 11d4 11d8
20th 12d4 12d8


Solar Ranged Weapon

You can seize your solar mote in one hand to form a pistol or a longarm out of stellar energy. This weapon appears to be made out of glowing light or solid darkness, as determined by the appearance of your Solar Manifestation, but it can be whatever general shape you choose. Normal ranged weapons like pistols or rifles are most common, but other shapes, such as a large rune of stellar energy, a mass of writhing energy tendrils, or an energized fist that fits over your own hand, are possible as well. Your Solar weapon’s general design has no impact on its function, and doesn’t give the weapon any special abilities such as reach. Once you’ve selected the general design, you can’t change it until you gain a new solarian level.

Your Solar weapon functions as a one-handed or two-handed energy advanced ranged weapon, and you’re automatically proficient with it. At 1st level, choose whether your Solar weapon deals  acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic  damage. You can change the damage type each time you gain a new solarian level. Your Solar weapon deals damage depending on the manifestation. This damage increases at 6th level, 9th level, 12th level, and every level thereafter. Solarian weapon crystals can increase your Solar weapon’s damage.

Forming or dismissing a solar weapon is a move action that takes the same amount of effort as drawing or sheathing a weapon (and can be combined with a move as a single move action or used with the Quick Draw feat). Your Solar weapon is automatically dismissed if it ever leaves your hand.





Blurbs From the Booth-Lessons Learned from a Bad Gamer

I mentioned yesterday before I posted a bunch of things that some crazy stuff has happened lately in my life.  the craziest is that one of my friends passed during a routine operation.  It’s got me thinking about a few things, and I want to share those thoughts with you.


Ashika McCurry was my wife’s best friend.   She’s pictured above with my fierce dog. When I met my wife, within three dates, I met Ash.  Ash was the test.  If I wasn’t up to snuff for Ash, I would not be married today.  Take note gentlemen and ladies, if you do not pass your future wife’s friends first test, she may not become your future wife!  I did, somehow, and was married.  Ash was a maid of honor, and over time Ash even became my friend.  I was not as close as my wife to Ash because I only knew 12 years compared to my wife’s 22, and I didn’t grow up with here like my wife did.  But, she was a good friend who I like hanging out with.  Again, men and women, if you don’t like hanging out with your wife’s friends, she may not be your wife for very long!


When Ash passed, my wife and I were the closest to her house and bore the brunt of her collection of stuff.  She was a hoarder, and I now have an abundance of semi-mint in package Barbie dolls and other random things.  But, as I work to basically help take apart a life, I see lots of things from her past that I remember being part of.


Ash was a geek, but nowhere deep a gamer as I.  She NEVER showed up to a game fully prepared.  She didn’t agonize over character decisions.  She liked being a ranger, shooting things with arrows, and making things die.  You had to remind her of mechanics often, and she never really read the books.  Even if you supplied her with the books, she didn’t care.  Ash liked video games, but never keep up to date.  Her systems were old, and I honestly don’t think she finished most of the games she played.  When we cleaned our her apartment, she had a mint, in box Switch that was played.  When I got mine, mine was opened within minutes of getting that bad boy home!  In short, she was the filthy, filthy casual that all the Alpha Gamers bitch about at every store.


BUT, Ash was happy.  Ash just liked to show up and game.  Ash wasn’t there to make the numbers big, she just wanted to have fun.  She played games while she enjoyed them, and left when she was done.  She didn’t agonize over choices in obscure books because why do it?  It’s just a game!  She didn’t learn to hate Pathfinder, 4e DnD, 5e DnD, Cthulhu, or any other game, because yet again, she was just there to have fun with her friends!


Now, as I get all of Ash’s board game collection, a collection that doesn’t really even add a bump to mine, I’m thinking back as I also find old character sheets of games I ran for her often.  I play EVERY game I start to completion-maybe past the point where its fun, BECAUSE I STARTED AND THAT WHAT GAMERS DO!  I run lots of different games and get deep into them then bitch about them online to anybody who will listen on my blog.  I’ve learn to hate the hobby I love because I’ve come to see how the sausage is made and learned tiny minutiae that dictate how board games are made and how that makes for sadder experiences all in the name of making a mail-able product.  My most popular blog post recently was me bitching about companies and how physical products are created vs. PDFs.  My wife often comments how I’ve turned a fun thing into a job, and I have to remind myself that BOARD GAMES AND RPGS ARE JUST FUN THINGS BECAUSE YOU ARE A FULL TIME TEACHER NOT A FULL TIME DEMO GUY!


In short, Ash was right.  Being the filthy casual is fun.  You don’t have to be an ass to others and judge the games they play because those other people are wrong!  You don’t have to hate 4e DnD because it was wrong!  You don’t have to do things because gamers finish things!  You don’t have to agonize over shipping tariffs and what this will do to kickstarter’s business model and the gaming industry overall.  Maybe, just maybe, I should just learn to enjoy gaming!  Maybe that’s Ash’s last lesson to me.  Aside from make the wife’s friends happy, the last lesson I really need to learn is just fucking game and be happy with the games you play.  If it’s shit to you, move on and don’t bitch as those who do enjoy it.  Just have fun!


In that spirit, as my friend is laid to rest in her final resting place today, I implore you all to go have some fun this week.  Go roll with friends this week.  Online, in person, on a chat, Facebook, or even in a play by post.  Just enjoy a game this week, and don’t bitch about some other ones.  It’s something I know I’m going to try to do better as I go on.

Daily Punch 7-9-18 Data Spike Envoy Expertise Talent for Starfinder

I want to get a few expertise talents out there that rely on you being a Solarian.  Let’s keep the hits rolling!


Data Spike (Sp; Computer)

Prerequisite: Trick of the Light

When you interact with a computer to hack it, you do not need a computer of your own as you change your solar weapon into a spike of pure data that does no damage, but does pierce the computer.  When you attempt the computer check to hack a computer that you are physically next too, you may reroll your expertise die a number of times equal to half the number of solar weapon dice you roll for damage.



Daily Punch 7-6-18 Healing Word spell for Starfinder

Ok, let’s finish up my catch up of last weeks ideas with one last idea.  How about healing word for Starfinder?  It’s a quick change from Mystic Cure, but I’ve come to see how freeing up extra actions in DnD 5e, really makes a cleric shine!


Healing Word M1–6

School conjuration (healing)

Casting Time 1 swift action

Range 30 feet

Targets one living creature

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

With a word, you heal and invigorate your target, restoring a number of Hit Points. If the  target regains all of its Hit Points as a result of this healing, you can apply the remaining healing to yourself, as long as you are a living creature.

Healing World restores a number of Hit Points to your target depending on the spell’s level.

1st: 1d4 + your Wisdom modifier

2nd: 3d4 + your Wisdom modifier

3rd: 5d4 + your Wisdom modifier

4th: 12d4 + your Wisdom modifier

5th: 16d4 + your Wisdom modifier

6th: 20d4 + your Wisdom modifier




Daily Punch 7-5-18 Star Paladin Mystic Connection for Starfinder

Let’s keep the hits rolling with more love for the Solarian in Starfinder-now mixed with Mystic!


Star Paladin

Your connection to the stars allows you to funnel the powers of the gods through the strength of the stars.  Both gods and stars bless you providing either the protection you need or the force you wield

Associated Skills: Sense Motive and Mysticism

Spells1st—supercharge Weapon, 2nd—shield other, 3rd—Resistant Armor, Lesser, 4th—Restoration, 5th—Break Enchantment, 6th—True Seeing

Wield the Stars (Su) 1st Level

You gain the Solarian Solar Weapon or Solar Armorer class ability of a Solarian of  3/4 , rounded down, your Mystic level.

Mastering the Stars Feelings (Su) 3rd Level

You gain the ability of enter a Solar Mode from the  Solarian list.  Your Mystic level counts fully for your Solarian level for your Solar Mode.

Weapon Spacilization(Su) 6th Level

You gain Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat for each weapon type for which this class grants you proficiency. If you selected Solar weapon as your Solar Manifestation, it gains the benefit of Weapon Specialization as if it were an advanced melee weapon.

Blessing of the Stars(Su) 9th Level

Choose a Solarian Stellar Revelation of up to 6rd level, you gain this ability.  Every three levels, you may select another Stellar Revelation of up to three levels below your Mystic level.


Of Gods and Stars (Su) 12th Level

You gain the notice of the Stars and Gods at this point.  You can manifest both a Solar Weapon and Solar Armor at the same time, but your Solarian level is 1/2 your Mystic level if you choose to do so.


Give of Your Self (Su) 15th Level

You can spend 1 Resolve Point as a move action to touch and heal an ally 3 times your Mystic level in hit points.  This does not use your healing touch ability for the day, but you may only do this once per turn.


Form of the Star God(Sp) 18th Level

At 18th level, you can spend a resolve point to enter the form of the Star God.  Your body becomes a being of pure light that glow brightly out to 60 feet, you use your full Mystic level to determine your Solarian level for all effects, and you manifest both the Solar Armor and Solar Weapon.  This form last a number of round equal to your attainment points in your solar mode.  Each round you lose one attainment point, and when you reach zero points, the form of the Star God ends.