Daily Punch 1-3-22 Camerlengo’s Hammer artifact for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

time for a version in Pathfinder !

Camerlengo’s Hammer Item 21

Rare Divine Evocation
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1
Base Weapon any hammer

This hammer is the most prized possession of the second of command of a faith and is passed down as the new leader is chosen to the new second in command. The hammer is a +3 major striking holy/unholy cold iron hammer of whatever hammer the faith prefers carved to be a holy symbol for the faith. This weapon counts as a holy symbol for any spellcasting purposes.

Divine Wielder If you’re a character capable of casting divine spells, you also gain the following two benefits.

  • When you critically hit an enemy of your faith, the creature is slowed 1 and enfeebled 2 for 1 round.
  • You can activate the hammer in the following way.

    Activate  command; Frequency once per day; Action three actions; Requirements You hit an incapacitated creature three times using the hammer; Effect The creature is instantly destroyed and turned to ash. The creature can not be resurrected to live via any means. The creatures soul is freed from any bonds. oaths, or deals it made in life and is instead sent for judgement and sent to the correct afterlife as a normal soul. The also means that any deals the creature struck to avoid punishment or gain power in another live are also null and void. The only way to return the creature to life is via miracle cast by a 20th level cleric of the faith where the soul was sent to in its afterlife .


Ring Side Report- Quest Calendar

Product– Quest Calendar

System- Sundial games quest calendar

Producer– Sundial games

Price– $31 here https://2023-quest-calendar.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders?ref=SundialGames23 

TL; DR-five minutes of RPG EVERY DAY! 93%

Basics–  NO GM, NO PROBLEM!.  Quest Calendar is a desk calendar that has a simple story that you walk through each day with puzzles, combat, and a solid story to draw you in.  2022 had a fantasy, world hopping adventure, and this year 2023 is a universe spanning Sci-Fi epic.  let’s break it down!

Basics- Each day the calendar has a picture and a short story.  The back of each previous day gives rules for combat, discussions and short side quests with towns folk, or puzzles for you to solve based on the story.

Dice- It wouldn’t be a RPG without dice!  Each character has a bonus to hit, defense, damage dice, and hit points.  Combat is simple where you roll to hit and if you hit you deal damage.  Deal enough damage and the opponent is stunned.  Don’t hit or don’t do enough, you are attacked.  Depending on your defense, you take more or less damage.  Other checks are the same as if you roll a d20, add the statistic used in the check, a number between 0 and +3 typically, and compare to the rules.

Powers and characters- There are multiple characters to choose from each with their own backstory.  Each character has information from levels 1 to 6 as well as powers and abilities.  Powers and abilities range from one per page things, constant bonuses to actions, or powers that have a limited number of uses before you must rest.

Ok, now my thoughts.

Mechanics or Crunch– This adventure a day calendar honestly is like a daily Shadow of the Demon Lord game.  D20 + a number and compared to the results is a fantastically simple RPG that doesn’t get enough love.  You do not get crazy complex here, because you can’t have crazy options since its a simple mechanic.  But, it’s rolling dice everyday to have some fun and play through a story.  4.75/5

Theme or Fluff– This is a simple story that is executed well.  First, the bad- you can’t have a crazy branching RPG when it’s a linear object.  You’re playing through a story like Lord of the Rings, but you can’t really change what the fellowship does.  That’s the inherent limits of this medium.  That said, I loved the story of 2022 and can’t wait for 2023.  Sure, it’s simple fantasy, but sometimes I just want to be a guy on a world saving quest in bite sized pieces.  That’s what this is, and it is done well!  4.75/5

Execution– How much you love what is here will really depend on how much you spend.  30 gets you the calendar.  That’s a bit high for a calendar, and the calendar is a bit small.  It’s a desk calendar, so that’s a bit annoying and since it is small and thick, it can break the glue holding it easily.  But that’s the end of the negatives.  Solid art, easy to read, and a simple flow and layout make this a fun product.  I love the character books and layout of them.  I didn’t like the markers that the books came with, but they fixed that in the 2023 edition.  I also LOVE the tiny dice.  Those went right into my backpack at the end of the year when I got new ones.  And this year its metal tiny dice!  This product has a few small flaws, but it’s still something I love.  4.5/5

Summary– Will this be the greatest RPG you have ever played with branching story and complete autonomy with the most intricate character build options that you have ever seen?  Absolutely not, but the important this is it is not trying to be.  This is a short adventure every day that builds an interesting world and lets you play a quick game as a fun distraction while also being a calendar?  YES!  And its amazing at that goal.  I continue to hate small things because of being clumsy, but if that is the worst complaint I have with the calendar, then you need this now.  2022 is done, but you have plenty of time to get onto the ground floor of 2023.  I’ve bought myself and my wife calendars and I hope you have a fun adventure in space with me!  93%

Daily Punch 1-2-23 Camerlengo’s Hammer artifact for DnD 5e

How about something typical?

Camerlengo’s Hammer

Weapon (any hammer), legendary (requires attunement by a divine spell caster)

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. The DC of any divine spell you cast increases by 3, and you gain a +3 bonus to spell attack rolls as well. This item functions as a holy symbol.

When an incapacitated creatures is struck three times (requiring three different attacks) on the head, The creature is instantly destroyed with no capacity for regeneration, resurrection, true resurrection, or returning to life in any capacity. The body instantly is reduced to ash with no heat, and the soul is freed from any binding contracts it made with alive. The soul is then instantly judged and sent to an afterlife based on its action in its life as would any moral in that situation with the soul being unable to use any negotiated contracts to forgo punishments or gain power post life. No outside force can prevent the transfer of this soul to its deserved afterlife.


Daily Punch 12-30-22 Earth Stance Monk feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

It’s always only me, but I’m mad that monk weapons don’t track with level. Don’t get me wrong, you get bonuses, but I want damage that scales more. So stance time!

Earth Stance one action Feat 1

Monk Stance
Archetype Martial Artist*
Requirements You are unarmored.
* This archetype offers Earth Stance at a different level than displayed here as a level 4 monk feat.

You you root yourself into the ground to smash with the power of a rock fall and enter the earth stance. You can make earth smash attacks that deal 1d10 bludgeoning damage. This attack are in the brawling group and have the backswing, nonlethal, and unarmed traits.

All unarmed attacks you make while in this stance add half your level, minimum 1, to your damage.


Daily Punch 12-27-22 Entanglement Loops technological items for Starfinder

Ok, one last system for Santa- STAR SANTA!

Entanglement Loops

Level 20; Price 750,000
Capacity -; Usage unlimited
Hands —; Bulk 1


These two hoops are created in pairs and indicated with a scannable code. Each hoop can expand up to 25 feet in length and won to a synched bag opening. Each hope is then spread across an opening to the full circumference of the opening such as a door or a bag. When powered on on both ends, using 25 changes, the two Einstein-Rosen bridge between the two points allowing instantaneous maintained gateways between the two at the cost of one charge per hour. The two continue their operation until one gate is powered off in which case anyone caught in between is allowed to choose which gate it is ejected out of or in the case of no choice or unintelligent objects or creatures, randomly.


Daily Punch 12-26-22 Linked Bag wondrous item for DnD 5e

Time make santa’s sack for DnD!

Clockwork Familiar

Wondrous item, vary rare

This bag can be crafted of any material with the only limits being it must have a draw string and the edge of the bag must be inscribed with runes as part of its creation. If a person knows the combination of runes can inscribe them onto a door over the course of an hour and link the bag and the door. The bag can be opened nearly impossibly size up to a size of the linked door. As an action, you can open the bag and it opens a portal to the linked door. Anyone one or thing can move freely from the door frame to the bag and back and forth. When the bag is closed or runes removed anyone in the doorframe or bag entrance are ejected. They may choose which open they are ejected from.


Daily Punch 12-23-22 Linked Bag equipment for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Christmas is coming. Santa has to have WAY more than just a bag of holding IV!

Linked Bag Item 16

Conjuration Extradimensional Magical
Price 8000 gp Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 3

The bag is made of any material you so desire, but one factor is always true- each bag is inscribed with a series of runes upon creation. When these runes are inscribed upon a doorframe, the opening of the bag and the doorframe are linked in such a way you can stretch the bag to allow up to a large creature to walk through the bag and through the door frame. Furthermore, items can be handed from the door to the bags opening and from the opening to the door. The bag and door are linked until the runes are removed. As a safety feature, when the runes are removed, anything in between the bag and door is ejected randomly toward one side.