Daily Punch  4-21-20   Instant Cure M1-6 mystic spell for Starfinder

How do people feel about instant spells here?


School conjuration (healing)

Casting Time reaction

Range 30 feet

Targets one living creature

Duration instantaneous

Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

When a creature starts its turn or it takes damage, you heal and invigorate your target, restoring a number of Hit Points.

Instant cure restores a number of Hit Points to your target depending on the spell’s level.

1st: 1d4 + your Wisdom modifier

2nd: 3d4 + your Wisdom modifier

3rd: 5d4 + your Wisdom modifier

4th: 7d4 + your Wisdom modifier

5th: 9d4 + your Wisdom modifier

6th: 11d4 + your Wisdom modifier

Casting this spell doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity.


Daily Punch 4-20-20 Zap cantrip for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Some of you loved it, and some of you hated it.  I still like the idea of more reaction spells.  Let’s put an option out there for a cantrip.  Fighters get to swing, why can you?


Zap                             Cantrip 1

Cantrip  Evocation Electricity
Traditions arcane, primal
Cast reaction
Range 20 feet; Targets 1 creature that enters the range
Saving Throw Reflex

With a quick flick of the wrist, you shoot a small dart of energy at a creature as it enters within range.  The target attempts a basic Reflex saving throw and on a failure is deals electricity damage equal to 1/2 your character level.

Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Adventurer’s Backpack 

Product– Adventurer’s Backpack 

System-Castles and Crusades

Producer– Troll Lord Games

Price– 19.99 here https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/234183/Castles–Crusades-The-Adventurers-Backpack?affiliate_id=658618



Basics-It’s time for a solid player option book for CnC!  This book features TONS of new classes, spells, items, niche rules, and even a complete new magic system.  There is even a whole chapter dedicated to backpacks of tools each adventurer would need to do their job. How does it stack up?

Mechanics or Crunch– Ah old school… you provide us with gonzo options and allow the DM to do whatever they want.  The problem is, this is pretty rules-light for how some of the crunch works. A perfect example is the warrior priest.  That class has Cure Wounds which allows them to heal other characters. Awesome! I love it. But the rules don’t describe: do you roll once per day, or do you roll all hit points and then give them out as you want, or do you spend dice as you go?  I could hunt online and find the answer.  I don’t want to do that. I just decided and went with it. This is old school, so once the group decides, we roll with it. That’s the bad; the good is this book gives you new character classes, character options like spell casting rangers, paladins,and bards, lots of equipment options, spells, and all sorts of tools adventurers might need to fight evil.  It’s not perfect, but the flaws are all part of OSR rules’ light touch. The good is amazing and makes this worth the price. 3.75/5

Theme or Fluff–  I would not call this a fluff book, but I do think what is here is done well.  It mostly gives you ideas how the new things fit into the fantasy worlds of Castles and Crusades.  It’s world-agnostic in a decent way, so you could plug these into any fantasy world and have a fitting character.  I would like more, as I want to build out the world and campaign setting, but the book gives you enough that you can find the equivalent in your world and plug and play right away.  4.25/5

Execution–  PDF?  Yep! Hyperlinked?  YES! This book is well done.  It’s an old school game, but it’s modern design makes me happy.  It’s not perfect – I would like the font to be a bit larger, but this thing has all the things I think a modern book should have.  4.9/5


Summary-My summary of this book comes down to one very specific question-do you want more character options for CnC?  If yes, then get the book. It’s not perfect; I think things need another round of writing to fully explain what the writers wanted me to do in some spots, but if you can look past some small issues, you will enjoy this.  The fluff is decent. I want more, but it’s not bad. Just not the whole world laid bare. Physically, the book is done well. Links, layout, and text all work well. I’m glad this is in my collection, and I know my players are always happy to have this as a place to get spells, classes, and toys to help them put down evil.  86%


Daily Punch 4-17-20 Rapid Healing spell for Pathfinder 2nd ed

How about some healing in a reaction? I wonder can we play with the reaction action?

Rapid Healing SPELL 1

Healing Necromancy Positive

Traditions divine, primal

Cast reaction

Range 30 feet; Targets 1 willing living creature

You channel positive energy to heal a living creature when it starts it turn or it takes damage. You restore 1d4 Hit Points to the creature.

Heightened (+1) The amount of healing or damage increases by 1d4.


Daily Punch 4-16-20 Jolt cantrip for DnD 5e

I want to keep exploring the idea of giving every character something for each action.  How about a quick cantrip for the wizards and warlocks out there?



evocation cantrip

Casting Time: reaction

Range: 20 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

When a creature enter within 20 feet of you, as a reaction, you can cause  the creature to make a Dexterity saving throw.  If the creature fails the save, it is dealt lightning damage equal to your level divided by 2, minimum 1.




Daily Punch 4-15-20 Rapid Healing spell for DnD 5e

Had a character want to heal, but couldn’t and it slowed up the combat.  How about a way to make this work!


Rapid Healing

1st-level evocation

Casting Time: reaction

Range: 30 feet
Components: V, S
Duration: Instantaneous

A concentration on a creature in range that just started its turn or one that just took damage, and it regains a number of hit points equal to 1d3 + your spellcasting ability modifier.

This spell has no effect on undead or constructs.

At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, the healing increases by 1d3 for each slot level above 1st.