Daily Punch 4-10-15 Magic Master feat for DnD 5e

Let’s build on the idea of a feat tree to teach magic.  Now with third level spells!

Magic Master

Prerequisite: Magic Initiate, Magic Adept

Be it from your own training or intense studying.  Gain the following benefits for the spell casting class you choose for Magic Initiate:

  • Learn one additional cantrip.
  • Learn two more 1st level spells and gain the ability to cast two more 1st level spells.
  • Learn two more 2nd level spells and gain the ability to cast one more 2nd level spell.
  • Learn two 3rd level spells and gain the ability to cast one 3rd level spell.


Fighting Gear- Loot Crate April 2014

TL;DR- Ill keep buying this!


I recently signed up for Loot Crate http://www.lootcrate.com/  Its a monthly, random box of stuff that you get in the mail.  The prices run from $13 to S and H to $11.  One lucky subscriber each month gets and EPIC CRATE full of lots of awesome gear.  It wasn’t me this month.    Let’s see what got…


Here is the base box.  I put in a standard playing card box for a size comparison.



Here is what comes inside.


There is a lot here, so I’ll give you an item by item run down.



April’s theme was Dragons.  You get a short magazine.  The magazine gave a abbreviated history on dragons, an interview with a youtuber, covered Elder Scrolls Online, and then gave a run down on the loot crate’s contents.  All and all, its not a bad little magazine.  Its full of ads as article, but not bad.  Also, I got dragon jerky.  I tasted like regular beef jerky, but it had this green spice covering it.  Not bad.


The crate also came with two small cartoon figures.  One is an exclusive Nord figure for Skyrim.  That’s pretty cool.  He even came with a sword and an ax.  The other was a random Game of Thrones figure.  I got a dragon.  Since the month’s theme was dragons, I wonder how random the figures were….  In either case, these are good quality figures.


DICE!  As a geek, I need more of these.  One is a standard D20.  Nothing wrong with that!  The other is a loot crate stress ball D20.  Unfortunately, the stress ball is a count down die, so the numbers are not random on its surface.  Oh well.  Still pretty cool.


Random geek stuff!  Nothing geeky is complete unless you get random geek stuff.  This crate came with a loot crate dragon button and a dog tag necklace showing off I’m a dragon killer.  Since random necklaces and buttons are always fun for geeks, I wasn’t surprised this was in here.


This doesn’t look like much, but this pretty much made me happy to have bought the loot crate.  This is a screen cleaner for your phone or anything else.  You gently open the package, use the side with the logo on it to wipe down the screen, the re-stick the cleaner to the packaging.  It fits in my wallet and cleans my screen well.  This i the best part of the crate.


Final Thoughts

So I payed about $16 bucks since this was my first month begging the question was this worth it?  Well, I don’t think I would have bought this stuff if I was in the store and saw this stuff mixed in with my standard comic book stuff.  But, that doesn’t make it any less cool.  Also, its fun to get random stuff in the mail.  What I really wanted was a T-shirt, and, I know some of the past months have had some AMAZING t-shirts.  But, I’m pretty happy I bought this.  I’d pay a bit more each month to guarantee I get a shirt, but, the random stuff I did get was nice.  The magazine is a bit heavy on targeted advertising as the topic of the month usually some sort of geekery in the media (Titanfall and Attack on Titan when Xbox One game out etc).  But the magazine is well done, and, it did give a well done, quick historical context on dragons.  So when its all said and done, I’ll keep subscribing to this.