Daily Punch 5-6-13

Loving Neverwinter, thought maybe some of its ideas should make their way into tabletop RPGs…


Trained Help


Requires: item creation feat

Benefit:  You have the services of a person who can create any item you can create.  He/she requires only 75% of the normal amount needed to create any item you could create.  This person still requires all the time you would need to make the item and may not help in any way to adventure.  The GM may involve this person in adventures however.



Daily Punch 3-27-13 AND 3-28-13

Been a crazy day, but here are some random thoughts for you.  First from Shadowrun

Alternative Rule-All nighter-when you have a skill challenge where a check constitutes a day, you may make two checks per day.  Each day you make two checks, you take a -2 dice pool modifier from exhaustion.  After you stop taking extra checks per day, the penalty is reduced by 1 for every day you only make one check until the penalty is 0.

Here is a feat for DnD Next-

Critical Advantage-When you make an attack with advantage and roll the same value on each die, the result is considered a critical hit if the attack would normally hits the target.

Daily punch 2-12-13

It’s time for some Shadowrun get negative qualities! This time with a touch of Johnny Nemmonic and something I want for my own character…

Negative quality
Data carrier
+5-in your head is a data device that you can’t access. You lose 0.5 essence and one person is looking for it.
+15-as +5but a group of people is looking for it.
+30- as+15 but the group is a megacorp or similar group and the device is linked to a cranial bomb. Any attemp to remove the data without the password must pass a hacking + computer check with 10 successes or trigger the bomb.


Daily punch 2-6-13

Turn about is fair play for the mages in shadowrun

Twined souls-positive quality-10bp-you may bind two spirits to you. The cost to bind these spirits is doubles and the only perform half as many tasks. However when you give a command to one spirit, both spirits perform this task.


Daily Punch 2-5-13

Playing Shadowrun tonight, and man do I wish I had this for those extra hard fights

Networked Drones-ranked program-This program allows several different drones to be networked and follow an action as if each drone was given the same action through a simple action.  The cost of this item is equal to the sum of all pilot programs for each drone.  The networked drones all use the rank of the pilot check equal to the lowest pilot check used to determine the cost of this program.


Daily Punch 1-21-13

I had to do this, and I thought my Shadowrun character would have a quicker way.


Redundant system reboot-cost 1/2 of total computer cost-In the event of a computer hacker being detected, the computer will reboot the system, but the redundant backup system will keep all currently running programs running as well as triggering all additional ice programs on the system.  The computer will lose no time during this reboot while the hacker will be ejected from the system as if the computer had been turned off.