Daily Punch 1-15-13

We all have friends, maybe they should help us out more….


friendly pressure cost 10 pb  you may ask any contact you have to help you obtain an item that they would normally have assess to.  Have the contact make a connection +  loyalty test.  Reduce the availability of an item by each success.  If it item’s availability is above 8 after this test, you may not buy the item and you lose loyalty with the contact as he/she is unable to obtain the item and experiences some difficulty in obtaining the item.  The availability rating is a general cutoff and different GM’s may change the cutoff based on story considerations.


thoughts gang?

Daily punch 1-11-13

I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately and it’s time for some in shadow run…..

Resolution-0bp- must be taken after character generation. Choose a negative aspect of your character or indicate a trait you want to better. Working with your GM select on characteristic related to what you want to better. If you continue your positive ability for two weeks in game you gain a +1 die bonus to your characteristic. If you stop your resolution for more then one game day you instead gain a -1 penalty to your characteristic. You must then restart your two week period to return to the bonus.

Daily Punch 1/10/13

I’ve been listening to Neuromancer and I think its time for some Shadowrun


Recorded conciseness-provides a computer program with a computer skill equal to 4,000 Y.  This computer program use any programs that you have available and can work along side you as if it were a drone.  Many options are available, but higher skill conciseness have their own quirks that the GM may incorporate.


Daily punch 12-7-12

Watching Elf with V and I thought of  something for shadowrun…

Obsessively Friendly
-25 bp
You are obsessively friendly and naive. You must act so at all times.  In game terms you treat all people as friendly, may not perform any actions to determine if any one is lying to you, and you must never act in the first round of combat as you are astounded by the actions around you.


Daily Punch 12-4-12

Something I was thinking about while at work….

Office ‘Procurement’ 

Cost: 5, 10, or 15 BP

Requires: Day Job 1-3

For each rank in Day Job, you may gain gear equal to rank * 5,000 ¥.   To gain the item, you must make a test (persuasion or stealth) equal to item cost/(Day Job Rank *1,000).  If you fail, you are caught trying to obtain an item and your GM decides what your punishment will be.  Glitch and critical Glitches carry much more significant penalties.

Daily Punch 11-29-12

I was playing Shadowrun, and I noticed, as a rigger, my guns could not go through the drivethrough….


Cost 4,000¥

Vehicle attachment

availability 4

requires: weapon mounts and on same vehicle

Description:  This item allows any weapon that lands on the vehicle to change its loaded ammunition as a complex action.  This attachment can be operated via a rigger adaption on a vehicle.  The autoloader may be loaded with 10 different clips of ammunition, each may be from a different weapon.

Daily Punch 11-9-12

Saw a movie and make me think of some Shadowrun goodness

Glitch 20 bp, requires technomancer, your powers in the matrix have expanded beyond what you thought were possible as a complex action, you make resonance + charisma check needing 6 successes. if you pass, you teleport up to your move in any direction you choose.  On a failure you lose your next simple action next turn. On a glitch, you teleport your move in a random direction, and on a critical glitch, the DM chooses where you teleport up to triple your move.