Daily Punch 11-29-12

I was playing Shadowrun, and I noticed, as a rigger, my guns could not go through the drivethrough….


Cost 4,000¥

Vehicle attachment

availability 4

requires: weapon mounts and on same vehicle

Description:  This item allows any weapon that lands on the vehicle to change its loaded ammunition as a complex action.  This attachment can be operated via a rigger adaption on a vehicle.  The autoloader may be loaded with 10 different clips of ammunition, each may be from a different weapon.

Daily Punch 11-28-12

I think its time for some love for the Devas…

Racial Feat Aura of Light

You replace your memories of a thousand lifetimes with the Aura of Light power

Aura of Light Deva Racial Power
An Aura of Light invigorates the mind and body of you and your friends.
Encounter Star.gif Divine
Minor Action Close burst 2
Effect: This power creates an area of light that cancels all darkness powers in the area of your level or lower until the end of your next turn.  For effects without a level, use the level of the casting creature to determine if the area of darkness if destroyed. You and your allies all gain a +2 to attacks and defenses while in the area and the area is in effect.

Daily Punch 11-27-12

Its a little late, but here is the flip side of yesterdays feat

Spell Bravado [Metamagic] This megamagic feat may be applied to any spell that you cast as you cast it, but the spell must have level dependent components.  You may voluntarily drop the save DC of your spell by 1 to increase your caster level for spell dependent effects (ie. damage dice, length of effect etc.) by 1.



Daily Punch 11-16-12

Been thinking about my friends who play wizards and clerics and how they hate when I make a save in Pathfinder….

Ensuring Spell [Metamagic] this feat may be applied to any spell that has level dependent components.  You need not prepare spells with this feat during spell preparation.  You may reduce your caster level by 1 for all level dependent effects (ie. caster level checks, damage dice etc) to increase the save DC of the spell by 1.


What do you guys think?  I debated making you drop caster level by 2 for each DC increased.  What do you guys think?

Daily Punch 11-20-12

I think the lower levels need some autodeath. Thoughts?

Least Death’s Call

School necromancy [death]; Level inquisitor 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, Cleric 2, Death 2


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a crushed black pearl worth 50 gp)


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area one living creatures
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw 2 x Fortitude negates (once when spell cast, and again at the start of the creatures turn.  Saving either time ends the spell without effect); Spell Resistance yes


Least Death’s Call snuffs out the life force of  one living creatures, killing it instantly. The spell slays 1 HD worth of living creatures per caster level (maximum 10 HD).  No creature of 10 or more HD can be affected, and HD that are not sufficient to affect the creature are wasted.

Daily Punch 11-19-12

Its time for some spells in honor of turkey day!


School enchantment (compulsion) [emotion, mind-affecting]; Level alchemist 4, bard 3, sorcerer/wizard 4, witch 4; Domain demon (chaos, evil) 4, destruction 4, ferocity 4, madness 4; Bloodline abyssal 4, boreal 3


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Targets one  creature per three levels, no two of which may be more than 30 ft. apart, may target constructs and non-living things normally not subject to mind-affecting spells
Duration  1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw will; Spell Resistance yes


Any target subject to this spell is filled with an unnatural hunger for anything near by.  The target will attempt to eat any creature around it attacking the nearest creature with bite attacks until no more creatures other creatures are around it.  After killing one other creature but other targets are within 30 feet, the target is given another will save to end the effect.  If it fails the will save, the creature makes another will save and on a fail will attack the nearest creature in range.  If it passes the second will save, the creature eats the body of the fallen creature until the effect ends.

Daily Punch 11-16-12

Where is the love for ranged combat in Pathfinder?  Here’s some now..

Ranged Defense [Combat]  When you make a ranged attack that provokes an attack of opportunity, make a CMD vs. CMB check with a +4 bonus.  Every enemy who’s CMD you beat is denied an attack of opportunity.

Daily punch 11-15-12

an idea from yesterday

aura of righteousness

requires:deva, good or lawfull good

you may replace memory of a thousand lifetimes with the following power.

aura of righteousness

encounter, minor action

effect:create a  zone burst 1 centered on youself of bright light.  if this burst touches a cloud of darkness then remove that cloud of darkness.  the aura lasts untill the end of your next turn.  allies and yourself gain a +2 to attack and skill checks in the zone.

Daily Punch 11-13-12

Been thinking about this because of work, pathfinder alchemist infusion


school necromancy level alchemist 1

casting time 1 standard action

components S,M (transfusion equipment costing no more then 50 copper)

range touch

target one ally or yourself and another ally or helpless living creature with describable anatomy

duration instant

When cast, one ally or helpless creature takes up to 20 points of damage.  This damage may not be blocked or reduced in any way.  You or one ally then gain an equal number of hit points equal to damage dealt.


Thoughts gang?

Daily Punch 11-12-12

After today’s massive PentaCon post, lets cool down with a simpler post for Arcanis

Trait Combat Casting [Limited] my only be taken by a character trained in arcanium.  You may add 6 to the CTN and 2 to the strain of any spell you can cast to cast a spell that would normally provoke a free attack to negate any free attacks on this spell.