Daily Punch 11-16-12

Been thinking about my friends who play wizards and clerics and how they hate when I make a save in Pathfinder….

Ensuring Spell [Metamagic] this feat may be applied to any spell that has level dependent components.  You need not prepare spells with this feat during spell preparation.  You may reduce your caster level by 1 for all level dependent effects (ie. caster level checks, damage dice etc) to increase the save DC of the spell by 1.


What do you guys think?  I debated making you drop caster level by 2 for each DC increased.  What do you guys think?

One thought on “Daily Punch 11-16-12

  1. I think 2 sounds more balanced (in addition to other requirements, like 2 other metamagic feats). At higher levels some spells just need to work to have disastrous effects on the receiving party. Plus considering that it doesn’t modify the spells in any way is a huge advantage giving added flexibility and versatility. Also in a spell Range, Target and Duration may all be level dependent. Let’s use Symbol of Death (8th level) as an example. It has a duration of 10 min per level. Shrink that to just 10 min and you add +14 the DC. That’s just crazy. Spells like Sunburst, Incendiary Cloud, Prismatic Wall, Suggestion, Mass, Slow (and most damage dealing spells that cap of at 5th and 10th level) would be too difficult to save against. Doing +2 per level is one way to balance it. Another is to keep it at +1 but you can’t go lower than minimum caster level for the spell in question. Yet another way to balance it is to clarify the definition of “any spell that has level dependent components”. If you replaced that with “all variable, numeric effects” then the +1 per level would make a 10th level spell caster have to choose between having a 10D6 fireball or a 3D6 with a +7 to the DC. Considering that the next best thing costs 4 feats (and lets face it, how often do spell casters get feats) and it’s only a +4 to the DC of an energy typed spell, this feat is way too unbalanced the way it is.

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