Daily Punch 5-26-20 Cognitive Overload hacker exploit for Carbon 2185

How about some more exploits for Carbon 2185?

Cognitive Overload
Range. 30ft.
Duration. 1 minutes
Using an action, you choose a creature within range.  If the creature fails a Mind save, creature falls unconscious for one minute.  Any damage to the creature instantly ends the effect.

Cognitive Overload Upgrade
The number of creatures affected is increased to three.


Daily Punch 5-25-20 Sensor Ping Hacker Exploit for Carbon 2185

How about some more exploits for Carbon 2185?

Sensor Ping
Range. 60ft.
Duration. 1 minutes
Using an action, you choose a creature or camera attached to a computer of security rating 3 within range.  If the creature fails a mind save  or the camera is below the securing rating, you see and hear all the things the camera or creature sees for one minute.

Sensor Ping Upgrade
The number of creatures affected to three or increase the security rating up to 5.


Daily Punch 5-13-20 and 5-14-20 Ocular Invisibility and Ocular Invisible Upgrade exploit for Carbon 2185

I’m gearing up for a new 5e RPG.  How about a new exploit for Carbon 2185?


Ocular Invisibility
Range. 60ft.
Duration. 1 minutes
Using an action, you choose a creature within range. All creatures within 20 feet of the creature must make a must succeed on a Mind saving throw or are unable to see the target.  Any creature further than 20 feet away from the target are unaffected.  If the target makes any hostile action against a person under the effect of Ocular Invisibility are instantly aware and can see the targets as normal.


Ocular Invisibility Upgrade
The size of the area affected increases to 40ft.





Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Oracle of War- The Iron Titan

Product– EB-EP-01 The Iron Titan

System-DnD 5e

Producer– DMs Guild

Price– $4.99  here https://www.dmsguild.com/product/308553/EBEP01-The-Iron-Titan?affiliate_id=658618

TL; DR– Something for us all!  95%


Basics–  Multi table event?  With my home group?  OH YES!  I’ve been part of lots of multi table events, but never one at home with a solo group.  The Iron Titan picks up with the players dealing with the giant they adventured under in the first Oracle of War adventure causing havoc in town.  How well does a multi table event translate to home?

Mechanics or Crunch– This adventure is pretty much the same event in both the multi table event and the single table.  The multitable event has rules for multiple tables, and it’s well written.  There are small sections added to this adventure that help you run it as a single table event.  The players honestly don’t get a different experience in terms of single table crunch vs a multi table event.  That’s quite frankly awesome.  5/5

Theme or Fluff– The story of this one is simple.  Zombies come.  You kill zombies.  Then Big Moe attacks, and you run around Big Moe killing pieces of him till you win.  Here is where something strange happens.  This is a battle interactive, and I liked it when I ran it with several other tables.  But I think I like it MORE as a single table event.  My players felt like they were the stars.  They blew up both arms then went for the head.  In the multitable event, you turn off a hand, but then another group does that as well.  That’s kind of strange…  It’s a fun story where everyone gets to play, but this multitable event actually runs better in single player mode!  4.5/5

Execution–  PDF?  Yep!  Hyperlinked?  No, but it doesn’t really matter (I’d still like it though).  This is well done.  I think the hyperlinks are needed more here than ever as this gets long and finding the sections you need on the fly is pretty important.  Overall I like what I see.  It reads fast, is well set up, and let’s you go from downloading to playing in about 10 minutes.  And you can play well after 10 minutes!  Solid execution in this one but I miss my hyperlinks.   4.8/5


Summary– I like this adventure, but this goes beyond me liking the adventure.  We’re in the middle of the plague.  Some people can’t make it to a regional con.  Some people have limitations on where they can play.  Some groups can’t travel.  Now every group playing the Oracle of War campaign can play this.  Of all the things I like about this adventure, that’s the best part-accessibility.  More groups will have the shared experience of this adventure.  You will enjoy this kaiju killing adventure, but the fact that any group anywhere can play this makes this a homerun I hope I keep seeing more of.  95%

Daily Punch 5-5-20 Tech Exploit Operative Exploit for Starfinder

How about we dip between classes a bit with the Operative?  Here would be a fun exploit for your operative to get a little bit of tech magic in their day.

Tech Exploit (EX)

Choose a technomancer spell based on your level and the chart below.  You can cast the spell two times per day.  All saves and attacks are based on your intelligence.  You cast this spell at the lowest level for that spell.  You may take this exploit multiple times.  Each time you do, choose another spell based on the chart below.

Times Exploit Taken Highest spell level Available Minimum Character Level to Take Exploit
1 1 2
2 2 6
3 3 10
4 4 12
5 5 14
6 6 18