Daily Punch 5-13-20 and 5-14-20 Ocular Invisibility and Ocular Invisible Upgrade exploit for Carbon 2185

I’m gearing up for a new 5e RPG.  How about a new exploit for Carbon 2185?


Ocular Invisibility
Range. 60ft.
Duration. 1 minutes
Using an action, you choose a creature within range. All creatures within 20 feet of the creature must make a must succeed on a Mind saving throw or are unable to see the target.  Any creature further than 20 feet away from the target are unaffected.  If the target makes any hostile action against a person under the effect of Ocular Invisibility are instantly aware and can see the targets as normal.


Ocular Invisibility Upgrade
The size of the area affected increases to 40ft.





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