Ring Side Report- Escape Room Review of Haunted Halloween Online Escape Room-The Haunting of Emmie Jenkins

Product– The Haunting of Emmie Henkins

Producer– Masters Of Mystery

Price– $20 here https://mastersofmystery.com/collections/escape-rooms/products/online-escape-room-game-the-haunting-of-emmie-jenkins

TL; DR– Why are we here? 76%

Basics–  They all died but why?  Three bodies found and one ransom note for a fourth, but no murder weapon… why and how?  What happened?  Who did this?  Solve the mystery in under an hour!

Mechanics or Crunch-This escape room had decent puzzles, but a few were completely off and the hints didn’t help.  The first one was one we honestly just brute force solved and we still have NO idea how it happened.  The other ones worked well with a few limited hiccups.  Overall, it was fun, but be prepared to just force a solution.  4/5

Theme or Fluff– So lots of people died and the story to why really doesn’t make sense.  I will not spoil the story, but honestly, it’s just off.  You have scary things, but the “why?” of the plot just didn’t jive with anyone in our group.  We got creeped out in our living room on a Sunday at 4PM in the summer, so that worked, but why we did was more jump scare and less dread.   3/5

Execution-This room worked well, but there are some technical issues.  The mouse is hard to use in a few cases as scrolling and moving are hard to see when the mouse is a different shape, like a large investigating lens.  There were also quite a few editing mistakes that irritated one of my players. What did work well was the Sticky Note function.  Honestly that was a lovely addition.  Another cool thing is some outside game stuff.  That was a fun treat to use.  Overall, a decent execution of the game. 4.5/5

Summary–  I love escape rooms and this is my third fully online escape room.  This isn’t a bad escape room and honestly it was a fun experience.  It just has some issues with the story and one of the puzzles.  Those are some significant issues, but not something that can’t be overcome.  Will I do another by this company? Yes.  The price is fair and you do get to keep going past the house.  We barely solved it in time, so I have that feeling of accomplishment.  I also would suggest this to others, but this might not be my first suggestion.  76%