Daily Punch 11-16-12

Where is the love for ranged combat in Pathfinder?  Here’s some now..

Ranged Defense [Combat]  When you make a ranged attack that provokes an attack of opportunity, make a CMD vs. CMB check with a +4 bonus.  Every enemy who’s CMD you beat is denied an attack of opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Daily Punch 11-16-12

  1. First, no idea what Pathfinder you’ve been reading, but range combatants have a ton of class options as well as feats to make a killer range character. That been said, I do like this feat. Might want to scale it down a bit thou. It competes with Point Blank Master (Advanced Players Guide pg 167), which lets you fire without provoking. However it’s only with a specific weapon (kinda moot considering that most ranged characters focus on a single ranged weapon anyways). You could set it at +2 and only versus 1 opponent with little or no prerequisites. Then Improved +4 vs all opponents and if you want to go that far, Greater +6 vs all opponents and you may take an Immediate action to shoot one of the opponents whose CMD you just beat.

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