Daily Punch 2-22-21 Expert Medic feat for Pathfinder 2nd ed.

Had a game with rogue, ranger, and barbarian. Hp was flying every which way. It was fun but two to three hour rests for medicine killed the pacing. Let’s work on that.

Expert Medic 
Feat 1

General Healing Manipulate Skill
Prerequisites trained in Medicine
Requirements You’re holding or wearing healer’s tools.

You are a master at fixing wounds. When you treat disease increase the amount treated based on the DC you attempted in addition to the amount gained at higher DCs.

DC 15 5 additional HP

DC 20 10 additional HP

DC 30 20 additional HP

DC 40 30 additional HP

DC 50 40 additional HP


Daily Punch 2-17-21 Osteocraft spell for Pathfinder 2e

Did one, so let’s do another!

Osteocraft Spell 3

Traditions arcane, divine, primal

Two Actions

somatic, verbal
Range touch; Targets 1 living creature
Saving Throw Fortitude; Duration varies

You manipulate the small pieces of the creature that regulate it bones either making more or destroying the bones in a creature. When the creature is touched, the caster decides on a limb to grow a new bone in or a bond to destroy. The living creature must attempt a Fortitude save.
Critical Success The living creature is unaffected.
Success The living creature is unaffected or the level of clumsy is reduced by 1.
Failure The creature becomes clumsy 1 or increases its value of clumsy by 1 and must make a save at the start of it’s next turn.
Critical Failure The living creature becomes clumsy 2 or increases is value of clumsy by 2 and must make a save at the start of it’s next turn.

If a creature would become clumsy 4, the the spell is complete and the bone in the limb is destroyed or new bone grown. The creature completely loses use of that limb until the bone is destroyed or grown back. If an arm is lost, spell with somatic components can not be cast and weapons needing the arm can not be used. If the leg is lost, the creatures walking speed becomes zero if it has two legs or its loses a proportion of its speed if it has more than two legs.

Heightened (+1) The number of targets increases by 1.


Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Pathfinder Adventure Path #163: Ruins of Gauntlight

Product– Pathfinder Adventure Path #163: Ruins of Gauntlight

System- Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Producer– Paizo

Price– $24.00 here https://paizo.com/products/btq023hs

TL; DR– 92%

Basics– Strange lights in the mist!  The old lighthouse calls!  The local crazy calls forth a group of adventurers to see what horrors her harrow cards have foretold!  A dungeon crawl for characters level one to four.

Mechanics or Crunch– This is a straight up dungeon crawl.  There is a dungeon lighthouse in a marsh.  You are told to check it out.  Overall, its slick quick rooms with lots of fights.  There are some things I think are a bit rough like some things are listed with different names, so that made the experience a bit harder to dig through as a GM.  However, the players have solid fights with fun things to discover. 4.5/5

Theme or Fluff– This is a dungeon crawl.  There is a town and it gets a full write-up in both the player guide and the first adventure, but honestly, it’s background.  The adventure literally just starts you at the foot of the dungeon.  I would like a bit more lead up for my players.  Otherwise, this megadungeon ends up like the random generated dungeons where I just mindlessly kill orks on my phone.  The dungeon is nice and atmospheric, so the story beyond the start is built on show don’t tell.  4.5/5

Execution–  PDF?  YEP!  Hyperlinked? Kind of.  The writing is good, the layout is nice, and the flow is quick.  The book has bookmarks in the PDF, but it doesn’t have clickable links in the parts.  That would help as this is over 60 pages and hopping around is a pain.  What I absolutely LOVE is the maps.  There is a separate map file given with the PDF.  That map lets you add and remove things like secret doors and the grid.  That makes life SO much easier to run and align online or digitally.  Paizo knows how to make a solid book. 4.75/5

Summary– Been looking forward to this one for a bit.  Some hack and slash is fun, and having some Pathfinder hack and slash is a blast.  Now, the one thing I think I would like different is a bit more story to the carnage.  Some lead in as my players need to know why they are killing things.  The crunch is good, but a few things are just slightly off enough to annoy the GM.  Players won’t notice.  The book itself is solid and something I loved to read.  This adventure is a solid start to a good old fashioned kick in the door and kill the bad guy campaign.  92%

Daily Punch 2-15-21 Constant Casting feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Player wants to keep some spell running. I like Repeate a spell, but I think it needs some beefing up.

Constant Casting Feat 1

Exploration General Move Concentrate
You’ve mastered the art of magic on the move. When you use the exploration activity repeat a spell, you move at full speed and are not fatigued by casting the spell every turn. You must rest for 10 minutes of out of every hour. You can instead sustain a spell up to its full duration as you move at full speed instead.


Daily Punch 2-1-21 Pathfinder Reflexes archetype feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

How about some building on the Pathfinder base?

Pathfinder Reflexes  Feat 10

Archetype Pathfinder Agent
Prerequisites Pathfinder Agent Dedication, Environmental Explorer

Pathfinders train to stay alive when things get rough and the traps start springing. When you roll a critically fail a Reflex save, you get a failure instead. In addition, when you roll a success on a Reflex save, you get a critical success instead.

Daily Punch 1-26-21 Turning Blows Stance For Pathfinder 2e

I like shields take damage and can prevent damage. Let’s play more with that!

Turning Blows Stance (Fighter) Single ActionFeat 6

Fighter Stance

Prerequisites Everstand Stance

You’ve practiced with the shield to the point even splinters will save you in a fight. Further increase the shield’s Hardness by 2 with the Everstsnd stance bonus when using the Shield Block reaction and double the shields hit points. When the stance ends, if the shield has more damage than its maximum hit points would normally, it is then broken, not before.


Daily Punch 1-19-21 Splash Dodge feat for Pathfinder 2e

How about this for a feat to deal with some splash damage?

Splash Dodge Feat 7


You get used to dodging the collateral damage of most things. When you are subject to splash damage, you may make a Reflex saving throw to negate the damage. The DC is equal to the original effect or if no save is available, it is equal to the class saving throw of the person causing the effect or 10 + the CR of the creature or item level.


Daily Punch 1-13-21 Demolitions Expert Alchemist research field for Pathfinder 2e

Let’s make that close-quarters bomber! I want a guy covered in burns who specializes in getting close and just bashing people with bombs.

Demolitions Expert

You specialize in close quarters explosions. You start tainted in medium armor and any alchemist class ability that refers to armor proficiency also include medium armor for you. medium armor proficiency.

You may use any thrown weapon as a melee weapon against a target within five feet.


You learn a special discovery depending on your field.

Demolitions Expert

Gain proficiency in shields and you can make any alchemy preparations while still holding a shield with one hand and a weapon in another.


You have learned how to create perpetual alchemical infusions that can provide a near-infinite supply of certain simple items. You gain the ability to create two 1st-level alchemical items using Quick Alchemy without spending a batch of infused reagents. The items you can select depend on your research field and must be in your formula book.

Demolitions Expert: Choose two of the following formulas: lesser acid flask, lesser alchemist’s fire, lesser bottled Lightning, lesser liquid ice, lesser thunderstone.


Your perpetual infusions improve, allowing you to use Quick Alchemy to create more powerful items with no cost. The items you can select depend on your research field and must be in your formula book.

Demolitions Expert: The moderate versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.


You learn an incredible discovery that advances your understanding of your field.

Demolitions Expert: Double the splash damage of any alchemical item you use in a melee attack.


You have perfected your perpetual infusions, allowing you to use Quick Alchemy to create even more powerful items at no cost. The items you can select depend on your research field and must be in your formula book.

Demolitions Expert: The greater versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.