Daily Punch 5-25-21 Precognition familiar ability for Pathfinder 2nd ed.

Building my paper doll familiars and here is a power they need! This is a master ability you can gain for a familiar.

Precognition: Your familiar helps by giving you hints of the future. Choose a saving throw. Whenever you attempt that save, if your familiar is nearby, it gives you a small mental image of the future. This grants you a +1 circumstance bonus, or +2 if you’re a master in the save.


Daily Punch 5-17-21 Improved Swipe Fighter/Barbarian feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Been playing Dragon Quest and I have a guy who uses a greatsword and hits groups. Let’s build on this in Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Improved Swipe Feat 10

Fighter Barbarian
Prerequisites Swipe
You’ve gotten better at swinging in wide arcs. Swipe now only counts as one attack for your multiple attack penalty.


Daily Punch 5-10-21 Gun Barrel Cauterize Gunslinger Feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Sometimes you need some good old fashioned bad movie tropes in your pathfinder!

Gun Barrel Cauterize ReactionFeat 2

Gunslinger Fire Healing

Trigger You or an ally within reach takes damage.

With a flourish, you fire you gun and snap the still burning barrel to an injury. The target heals 1d6+ your level. This healing can prevent an ally from falling unconscious and gaining the wounded condition from being reduced to zero hit points. The target is then temporarily immune to your gun barrel cauterize for 1 day.


Daily Punch 4-30-21 Cold Tolerance ancestry feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

The only feats I’ve seen for ancestries have to do one race. Why not regional ancestries? People from a cold place should be able to survive the cold regardless if they are human, dwarf, or orc. Let’s start.

Cold Tolerance Feat 5

regional ancestry

Prerequisites raised in cold location

You grew up in a land of ice and snow, and it hardened you against the cold. You gain resistance 5 to cold damage.


Daily Punch 4-27-21 Ooze animal companion for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.


Your companion is a ooze or another type of slime.
Size Small

Single Action

 pseudopod, Damage 1d6 acid
Str +3, Dex +1, Con +4, Int -4, Wis -2, Cha -2
Hit Points 8
Skill Athletics
Senses  motion sense 40 feet, no vision
Speed 30 feet
Support Benefit Your ooze grabs the target preventing it from fully reacting to your strikes. Until the start of your next turn, your Strikes that damage creatures your ooze threatens give the flat-footed condition to the target until the end of your current turn (until the start of your next turn on a critical success) .
Advanced Maneuver envelop

EnvelopSingle Action

Requirements The animal companion’s last action was a successful pseudopod Strike.

The ooze grabs the target and the target takes acid damage equal to your level automatically until the target escapes the grab.

Ring Side Report-RPG Review of Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends

Product– Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends

System- Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Producer– Paizo

Price– $18.37 here https://paizo.com/products/btq023gd?Pathfinder-Lost-Omens-Legends 

TL; DR– Almost the best text book it could be.  86%

Basics–  Welcome to the Age of Lost Omens and Golarion!  Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends is the current standing of the world of Golarion and its people.  It updates the setting from Pathfinder 1st ed. to Pathfinder 2nd ed., gives a good overview of the major areas of the Inner Sea, and provides some player options to help players get some mechanical links to the areas of their game.  Let’s look at the pieces of this book.

Mechanics or Crunch-This book has some solid mechanics, but I’d still like a bit more.  What is really surprising is this book has archetypes for each region’s specific known combat enthusiast.  Think of having a Special Forces archetype if you were to do a write up on the US.  That is surprising and enjoyable.  Also there are backgrounds for each area.  Both of those are VERY welcome in the equivalent of a fantasy high school geography book that only the GM might spend a lot of time reading through.  I would like a bit more though.  Give me some ancestry feats that all the people from an area might get.  It doesn’t matter if you are an orc, dwarf, or human, if you come from the cold place of ice and snow, odds are you picked up some cold tolerance! Even some more general feats would be good additions to this book.  What is here is some solid mechanics that you don’t often see in these books, but I would just like a bit more to really drive home that players need this book.  4.5/5

Theme or Fluff–  This is another solid area of  this book, but the book needs a bit more to fully round it out.  This book is both too short and too long.  If you read this from cover to cover you will not enjoy it as much as if you just wanted to read about one area quickly.  You wouldn’t read all of wikipedia in one day, but you would drop in to read quickly on an area if you are studying as an example.  This honestly is a fantasy high school geography book as you will get 10-20 pages on an area.  That is a good introduction, but the book needs a bit more like who are the gods and more world building.  Those things are mentioned, but I feel I need more on them.  As a Pathfinder 1st ed. player, I know a lot of that world stuff, but for a new player, they will have to do outside research on who some of the key players are.  I learned a few things that maybe I missed before, and I can see where Paizo is setting up the next 10 years worth of adventure paths in the mix, but I felt like I needed a bit more content to better understand the world if I was an outsider.   4.5/5

Execution– PDF? Yes.  Hyperlinked?  NO! If you buy a college textbook today or even a highschool text on an ipad, it is hyperlinked.  This is getting crazy as this is an over 100 page civics book and I have to scroll around and find random bits I want to read more on.  What is here is good.  If you read in chunks, it reads well enough and is enjoyable.  If you marathon the book in one sitting, then it’s not as much fun as it does feel too long and too short.  Long for its got LOTS of information, but short because I feel like I need some explanation on a few of the players.  The art is good and you get a few headshots of major movers and shakers in the world ,so you can drop them in your game.  The layout is nice in general with enough breaks to make the reader not go crazy staring in a textbook.  I just need a few more additions to really make this an amazing book  4/5

Summary– I have compared this book to a textbook often, and it is a well done textbook.  If you needed to learn what most people in an area would know about the region, this would be a great resource to give the players.  Also, if you like me haven’t read every splatbook or adventure path put out by Paizo in the last 10 years, then this is a good way to get deep into the world quickly.  Now, there is room for improvement.  I need a bit more on the world.  Gods play an incredible role in the setting, and I feel like they don’t get enough exploration in this book.  I also love what’s here mechanically, but I want more.  So, all players, not just who decide to make a hellknight, can lay claim to a heritage from Cheliax.  Also, PAIZO LEARN TO HYPERLINK!  Let me click around your book with ease please.  Most textbooks do it now, and your world textbook needs to as well!  This is a good world book with a few key flaws that keep it from being great.   86%

Daily Punch 4-23-21 Bomb of Tricks magic item for Pathfinder 2e

I want to summon creatures via bombs!

Bomb of Tricks Item 4+

Uncommon Consumable Conjuration Magical
Usage held in 1 hand

This small round black object is made of compacted paper, flash powder, and enchanted bone meal.


Two Actions

 Interact; Effect You throw the bomb to a square within 30 feet. The bomb explodes in a flash and a creature from the bag of tricks is summoned. You command the creature as normal for a creature summoned by the bag of tricks. (https://throatpunchgames.com/2021/04/20/daily-punch-4-19-21-bag-of-tricks-magic-item-for-pathfinder-2e/).

Bomb of Tricks(gray) Item 4

Price 15 gp
The bomb explodes into a creature from the bag of tricks(gray)

Bomb of Tricks(rust) Item 7

Price 54 gp
The bomb explodes into a creature from the bag of tricks(rust)

Bomb of Tricks(Tan) Item 11

Price 250 gp
The bomb explodes into a creature from the bag of tricks(tan)

Bomb of Tricks(aquamarine) Item 11

Price 250 gp
The bomb explodes into a creature from the bag of tricks(aquamarine)


Daily Punch 4-21-21 Sphere of Anxiety spell for Pathfinder 2nd Ed.

Heard about the skinwalker ranch and how they feared the blue sphere the most. It made them feel full of anxiety. SPELL IDEA!

Sphere of Anxiety Spell 2

Traditions arcane, occult
Bloodline fey
Deities Bes, Kofusachi, The Lantern King

Two Actions

somatic, verbal
Range 30 feetArea 1 5-foot square
Saving Throw Will; Duration sustained

You create a blue sphere of light in a square within range that saps the targets will to live and do anything. The sphere must be supported by a solid surface, such as a stone floor. All creatures within 30 feet of the sphere must attempt a Will saving. If a target leave the area, it is no longer affected by the spell. If it reenters the area, it may need to make another saving throw again.  On subsequent rounds, the first time you Sustain this Spell each round, you can leave the sphere in its square or roll it to another square within range

Critical Success The target is unaffected. If they leave and come back, they will not be affected by the spell again until you cast the spell again.
Success The target becomes clumsy 1, enfeebled 1, or stupefied 1 for one round ( your choice). After the condition ends, they can stay in the area and not be affected again by the spell. If they leave and come back, they will not be affected by the spell again until you cast the spell again.
Failure The target becomes clumsy 1, enfeebled 1, or stupefied 1 (your choice) until they leave the spell.
Critical Failure  The target becomes clumsy 1, enfeebled 1, and stupefied 1 until they leave the spell.


Daily Punch 4-19-21 Bag of Tricks magic item for Pathfinder 2e

No bag of tricks in Pathfinder 2e? What is this!? Time to get to work.

Bag of Tricks Item 4+

Conjuration Extradimensional Magical
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 1

This small sack appears empty. Anyone reaching into the bag feels a small, fuzzy ball. If the ball is removed and tossed up to 20 feet away, it turns into an animal. The animal serves the character who drew it from the bag for 10 minutes (or until slain or ordered back into the bag), at which point it disappears. As an action, a character can give the creature two actions as per the animal companion rules. Each of the four kinds of bags of tricks produces a different set of animals. Use the following tables to determine what animals can be drawn out of each.

Animals produced are always random, and only one may exist at a time. Up to 10 animals can be drawn from the bag each week, but no more than two per day.

Gray BagRust BagTan BagAquamarine Bag
01–30eagle01–30giant eagle01–30dweomercat1-30King crab
31–60giant Rat31–60dire wolf31–60elephant31-60brine shark
61–75guard dog61–85gorilla61–80kirin61-80Orca
76–90Weasel86–100rust monster81–90megalania81-90reef Octopus
91–100monkey91–100zetogeki91-100giant squid

Bag of Tricks (gray)Item 4

Price 75 gp

Bag of Holding (rust)Item 7

Price 300 gp

Bag of Holding (Tan)Item 11

Price 1,200 gp

Bag of Holding (Aquamarine)Item 11

Price 1,200 gp

Thoughts? Where is my bag of tricks?