Daily Punch 5-22-23 Trigger Spell for Starfinder

I want to cast a spell and have it go off later!

 Trigger Spell
Classes Mystic 1-6
School Divination
Casting Time 1 standard action or varies
Range touch
Targets one living creature or item creature is holding
Duration varies
Saving Throw Will half (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)
Description With the authority of all magic behind you, you proclaim to be cast in the future specifying a trigger. Choose a spell that is cast as this spell is cast and a trigger for the spell. If the other spell is longer than one action, the casting time of this spell changes to that spell’s plus one action. The other spell is cast or must be cast at the time of casting trigger spell. That other cast spell will be case whenever the trigger occurs. If that spell would occur and prevent an event from occurring like a mystic cure preventing a target from reaching zero hit points, that the creature never hit zero hit points. If cast on a weapon and that weapon strikes a target then any spell with a target of creature touched would count as touched. If a spell requires an attack roll or a save and the trigger was not striking a target, then the spell would use your current ranged attack roll or save DC values. You can only have one trigger spell active on you or your carried gear at a time.
The duration of the spell depends on the level you it as.
1st: 1 hour
2nd: 1 day
3rd: 1 week
4th: 1 month
5th: 1 year
6th: until triggered



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